Bridge to 10K

Thought I would share some links I got in an email this morning

I subscribe to runners world weekly emails for marathon runners. I know I'm not or will be in the future a marathon runner but I find little bits of advice that are helpful by being part of these things. Today's email was very useful so I thought I would share two of the links. How to recover from a run and 6 essential moves to help your muscles

Happy runny to you all.

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Two really useful posts, full f useful advice and information. Thanks for sharing RFC. xx


Having run a half marathon I'm not sure I ever want to run a full one. Never say never though. There'd have to be a good reason. LOL

I was speaking to an elderly lady recently who was on her 17th, and she had no qualms about doing another, and another ........


Now, personally I *know* I'll never run a full marathon but never say never to a half! ;)


My physio has got me doing the first of those exercises in the second link - "Single leg bridge" - I'm finding it really difficult but I guess that's why I need to do it! My glutes and hamstrings are seriously weak and tight!

Thanks for the reading :)


Interesting, thanks for sharing that. I have booked a half marathon for September so start training tomorrow and have lots of time but still scared! I have been reading about cross training that it is a non-running activity that still is aerobic but avoids over use of muscles - I will be doing step aerobics, cycling and swimming


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