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Couch to 10k in 6 months

Finally reached the goal of 10k. Completed in 59m46s. I didn't imagine to reach this far when I started 6 months back with the aim to improve my fitness. Can't thank much to this forum for all the guidance. Feeling confident now to set a goal of half marathon. Need a training plan for half marathon. please guide as I can't do more than 3 runs a week.

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Well done on reaching 10k! It's a great distance to run🙂. Personally, I would consolidate that distance for a little while just to let your legs get used to the distance(but of course you may be younger and fitter than me!) - and then HM would be a great goal. There are lots of plans out there which would be worth having a look at. I chose not to use a specific plan but did look at a few before Creating my own! I like the flexibility of listening to my own body and built up first to 10 miles, for a run last October and then entered a HM which is coming up in a few weeks. I have recently hit the full distance on my training runs. I only run three times a week and haven't found this to be a problem, as it means I have two days rest after my weekly long run! It does become more important to remember strength and flexibility training too I think as you increase distance. Lots of luck!🙂


Thank you for the detailed response. I second your opinion and will try to stick to 10k for a while and then probably target a HM in 10 -12 weeks time.


Well done! It's amazing isn't it?! (I just graduated tonight too - so still buzzing!) Don't forget to add your name to the Feb 2017 graduation badges post on the right hand side. Sub 60m is great too😀

I'm going to hang around at 10k for a while - it's an easy distance to keep in my weekly schedule. And I just want to be really comfortable with it. Don't know if I'll ever go further (though a friend today was encouraging me to consider it!)

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Well done that's great and what a speedy time.

I'm looking at going a half so downloaded MyAsics which is great. It tailors the programme based on how many runs you do a week and what time you ran the 10K in. I haven't completed the programme obviously but looks like it's doable.


Thanks. I tried MyAsics earlier, but it was not allowing me to customise it based on my schedule. Hence did 10k with my own plan of 3 runs a week easy (short), moderate (long) and 5k at park runs. Will try MyAsics again.


That happened the first time I did my plan, I had to start again as realised you can only change number of runs etc before you save it. Hope that makes some sense?


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