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2nd attempt at C25K+ Speed

I had to walk half of the slower intervals to recover from the 165BPM bits so I trudged home at the end with Laura's consolatory words "a bad run is better than no run at all" ringing in my ears. My lungs were screaming at me after a minute of near sprinting pace - I could not do 150BPM as recovery!

Anyway, I plugged in Lime Green Laura and she says I did my fastest ever km and fastest ever mile. My fastest km previously was running down a big steep hill so I must have been caning it today?!?!

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Don't worry Simon, it'll come :-)

I did this on Tuesday night, it is hard work ! Keep at it , definitely well worth it :-)

Well done on the PB , that's brilliant !

I love your tags ha ha ! :-D xxx


It's true! We should not really call them bad runs. More like "unsatisfactory" runs or "less than perfect" , or even "frustrating", when you get really irritated. Anyway, whatever we call them, better out running or run/walking than not. So, good for you!

Beware of caning it down big hills! If you must cane it, do it on the flat. Your knee cap slides forward as you hurl yourself downhill and can slip too far, so be aware of that. Run your down hills under control! Elbows out to steady yourself. It's great fun I know (to my cost)

Keep going with the Speed etc as it's a brill little tool, and to say it's free, that's even better. Run them often and they'll keep you entertained.

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Yes, I think I did the big downhill slightly precariously as there's the odd bit of gravel here and there which could cause a nasty fall. It was today (on the flat) that I must have been caning it.


I had a look at my stats for my first attempt at Speed.

Avg pace 1st attempt: 5mins 42s per km

Avg pace 2nd attempt: 5mins 20s per km

Go figure (as the Americans might say)!


There are a lot of variables in this game. Keep plugging away

Enjoy yourself!


see- it does work... you should try 30,20,10... that really has made a difference to me...


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That sounds like something I might try. Need a podcast to help me with the timings though...


I tend to count!!


There's one that someone here made, it's on dropbox...I'll see if I can find it.


Try that...https://healthunlocked.com/api/redirect?url=https%3a%2f%2fdl.dropboxusercontent.com%2fu%2f386753%2f30-20-10_1.mp3 .


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