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New year - new start

I must admit I am quite happy to draw a line under 2015 and start fresh. My fitness goals for this year are the same as last year but with a slightly different focus. I want to do all my training and events the same (HM in 16 wks) but I need to keep my stress levels down and my immune system in tip top shape. At the end of last year I started tests to be a living kidney donor for my other half and they are soooooo strict about the health of the donor. I have passed the first lots of bloods with them telling me I am In really good shape so far. BMI a little over but they are not bothered by that as they can see I'm Fit. (A massive ✔️ For running). Hopefully we won't need the kidney soon but we are just getting organised.

My aim is to keep as fit and healthy as I can so if I pass all the tests I will be ready whenever we need me to be. Also be able to jump back quickly afterwards as it is a 12 week recovery.

With this in mind I have changed my HM to a speed walk and my run training I'm not going over 10km as I know it stresses my body out a little. Obviously if I'm out in a run and I just want to add in a little I can but I was finding too many over 10km runs a bit hard on my body. This is only because of my speed. A 10km takes me 1.5 hour give or take 10 min and that is enough exercise for me. I seem to be happier around the 7km.

I am still going to do my 10km events because I love them. So aim to be trained up for that distance.

I wish you all a happy healthy running year

Rfc X.

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Fabulous RFC, you are amazing. That's a humbling post. Inspiring , too. I have been secretly berating myself for not progressing and indeed regressing a bit but my health issues are as nothing compared with what you and your OH have ahead. Wishing you health and happiness in 2016 x


Thank you. I think I had got a bit carried away with the "look how far I can run" syndrome, it was really good fun to do it but I've felt a lot healthier learning what's best for me and strangely enough my weight has started coming off again since I have. Hence a Xmas with less than 1lb weight gain. give yourself a break and find what fits in with you. Happy running.

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Sensible sounding plan - and I hope all goes well. Here's to a healthy 2016.


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