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Garmin FR10 vs running app

It's just after christmas and I have been given an amazon voucher as a present. Was going to get myself some running gear but also tempted by this running watch:

I have a low budget so really the Garmin FR10 would really be the only one in my price range. Currently runkeeper on my iphone 4s has been all I have needed to track my runs- if the GPS mucks up I can correct it online later but it does get frustrating at times!

I just wondered if anyone had this watch and how they would rate it? Obviously its a cheap version, and it doesn't do much more than a good app would do, except that its GPS could be more accurate. Do I really need one, or should I wait until I reach my goal of 10k before I splash out on a watch? Would my voucher be better spend on more running leggings and gear?

Also would I be able to sync such a basic garmin to runkeeper, and would it have the option of tracking in kms? (I could change to miles but I've got used to km now)

As my dad says 'does having a fancy gps watch make you run faster?' - he has a point! Haha

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Hi i have the FR10 its a really good entry level watch. I prefer it to an app as i find it more accurate, but also its visability, no having to hunt for a shady spot in the hopes of seeing your screen to set an app going. I like that i can just quickly look at my wrist and see my pace and distance and can easily swtich through screens to get other information.

You need to download garmin express onto your computer, it has no Bluetooth so you have to upload with the cable (this is the bit that i find a pain, its not difficult its just i rarely use my laptop) you can the view in your garmin connect account but you can also connect to others such as Runkeeper (i rarely look at that now) or strava (my fave one for looking at stats).

Yes you can set it to km, i actually have my watch set to km and then my garmin connect (the bit were you look at your stats) set to miles.

Another big advantage in my opinion is that without using an app you can hide your phone more discretely in a waist pouch under your top.

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I would heartily recommend the Forerunner 10. Really easy to use and it syncs with Garmin Connect very quickly. Yes, it is basic in its functionality but what it does it does very well. Mine finds the GPS satellite signal well before I have finished my warm-up and it seems pretty accurate... it was only 20m out for my parkrun on Saturday. I find the lap timer very useful in checking how fast I am actually going (got mine set to km).

Have a look on ebay for a second hand one... I got mine (Lime Green Laura she's called) for under £43. Then use your Amazon voucher for running clobber!


Just lost an ebay bid for one that sold for £26! I'm on a hunt now.. I would quite like a coloured one but black seems to go for cheaper!


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