Time consuming!

Time consuming!

When I was doing C25K it was relatively easy to find 30 minutes to run and it didn't seem to take so much determination to go. Now I have graduated and doing longer runs, furthest is 10k so far, it takes a lot more determination and time and it's harder to fit into my day. I know sitting down watching TV isn't the best use of a life but family needs time too and being in love with running is pulling me out more and more. How do u manage running time, family, relationships, relaxing and work? Julie

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  • My frequency of runs drops in the winter, generally to one run during the week, when I give myself permission to start work late and then I keep my long run for the weekend and prefer to run first thing in the morning, so family time is not so intruded upon. It is much easier in the Summer months, when 5.30 am is enticing rather than in the middle of the night.

  • I'm looking forward to May, June and July. Can't stand the fact that it's still dark gone 8 o'clock at the moment!

  • There's just me and BaldyBoy, so I run when I feel like it. I always tell him my plans for the week, Monday shopping, Tuesday long/short run etc, but I don't think he really takes it in or cares!

  • Don't you write your weekly plan on the kitchen calendar? If my plans are not on there, they don't exist for my partner...

  • I always tell my wife where I am going running - just so she knows where to find the body some day!!!

  • Mmmn - I often wonder if I should leave a map on the kitchen table in case I go missing.

  • I have an App on my phone so my husband can find my body, for iPhones "find my friends"! Otherwise,mill just have to crawl home - could always call for help using my phone if I got stuck ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I agree, it does get harder Joolie! I too am working up to 10k. I currently run my longer run at the weekends, whenever it fits best with the rest of the family. My only guiding factor at the w/e is for there to be daylight(!) so I can run off road and on the trails that I love. Weekday runs (during term time) are often when I get back in from work ( quick greetings and catch up with my two secondary aged boys, and then I'm off I'm afraid๐Ÿ˜ฎ). These are my 5k runs so I'm not gone for long! Then back to cook tea etc etc. I am also lucky not to work on a Friday, so often have the option of this being my long run day too, although this does depend on other commitments! My kids especially seem to think I am a happier person after I run, so no complaints there at the momnet๐Ÿ˜€.

  • I know what you mean. That hour to myself is so massively precious but I don't want to be away much longer. I do have Friday's to run when they are at school but that is also the day when I have to get "everything else" done too.

    It is a nice juggling act to have though - a hobby you love and a family you want to spend time with โ˜บ

  • Early mornings - before they rise!!! :)

  • I'm not very awake in the mornings and running becomes a stumble but after 8 am I am fine, would only do a really early run if I absolutely had to!

  • I'm fortunate in that I am self-employed and I have a certain amount of flexibility in my running schedule. Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays I fit in 2 shorter runs before breakfast (usually 5ks) then Sat and Sun I can do a longer run providing I am up early enough. None of my lessons start before 9am and most of the early ones are at my house or on the internet.

    In terms of safety I should probably buy one of those parkrun wristbands with an ICE number on it. It's pointless telling my wife where I'm going as she would probably forget and I change my route mid-run quite often. In fact I doubt I have done exactly the same route twice since completing C25k.

  • Great safety advice! I could wear my parkrun wristband as that has an emergency contact number on it. My husband can track me using a phone app too and always tell him when I go out. I am very blessed, after working full time, I am now focussing on volunteering in my community, or as one person called it "a lady of leisure", so I choose when to run. Really, admire those who work full time and find time to run - bless em!!

  • Run commute or runches (I prefer a commute to a runch) are perfect during the week if you have a shower at work and a suitable route, long runs at the weekend but head out early so you have the rest of the day for family time (or in my case snooze time). I find it harder this time of year because it's so dark and I prefer trails to street

  • I prefer the trails too, I have a wood nearby where I can run, it has a gravel track so is fine all year round. However, tend to stick to the town and paths, not always brave enough to head to the great outdoors alone. Running in the dark is fun sometimes though

  • Big problem for me too. Parkrun happens on Saturday, and I try to a longer run on Sundays. I only manage very long runs 15+ when my partner is away or we are both on holiday.

  • I find it hard to fit in, which is why I go early mornings, but I do make time on a Sunday for my long run which I do around everything else going on.... Hang in there and just be creative!!!!

  • I will have more "free" time when my husband goes back to work next week, feel selfish when he's off so try to go at the same time he goes cycling which works most of the time. He is very supportive anyways and all my children r grown up too!

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