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Almost 6k :)

Hi, my first post on this group!

I have been battling off shin splints during c25k and since graduating, so took last week off as I had pushed myself with several pbs the week before and probably triggered their return. However, feeling fulling recovered today I started my new regime of very slow but slightly longer runs, as I think it is particularly intense runs that push my speed which hurt my shins.

Meant to run a gentle 5.5k, my first run longer than 5k, but my loop took me round to 5.85k and I felt very chuffed with myself! It was a 45 minute run but my longest ever and aside from achy calves, no shin pain either side, which is fab! And I had my friendly little dog grinning up at me- I love being at home over christmas and having such a great running companion (he wasn't so happy when I sprayed him with a hosepipe to de-mud his legs/undercarriage..)

Here's to gently building to 10k (without shin splints..)

I'm going to take it easy over christmas, maybe a gentle run boxing day, and then going skiing next week :)

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Well done! It's great when that 5k gradually extends isn't it? Good luck with your bridge to 10k🏃🏻🏃🏻


Just let ur legs settle, I was on 5k for many weeks and then just did an extra .5 which gradually got added to as my legs allowed. I did 10k today purely by accident, just decided I could stumble a bit further. Lots of rest needed now and won't do it again for a while but I know I can

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I ran 5k in October, and ran it about 8 or so times since, so they have settled into that distance. My shin splints seem to have been most tied to the pace/frequency of my runs, with 3x under 7:30min/km pace a bit much for my legs!

I think planning longer runs (increasing slowly) will allow my pace to develop on its own without me pushing too hard.


Bless u, hope u will be ok. When I graduated fro C25K, I wanted to settle into my runs and not worry about speed. I did increase speed but only naturally, when 5k was ok, just added a but more run time to increase the distance but have to see how my legs are on the run and how they recover but I am still just running at a comfortable pace, not trying to go faster unless it happens by accident!

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