Ouch... on the IC again!

After doing a 7k yesterday morning and not really feeling the effects afterwards, I was sat on the living room floor last night when the phone rang. I jumped up to answer it and straight away felt a sharp pain in the top of my leg. I guess it's another hip flexor strain(?)... hopefully a bit of ibuprofen and a few extra days rest should see me back to normal... fingers crossed anyway as I am planning on having my gait analysed on Friday (and buying new shoes).

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  • Yeah don't worry Simon. It will calm down. Neurofen sandwiches and resting up will fix you up good. I always find a stiff vodka martini works wonders too!!

  • Hopefully it's just a twinge... Really exciting about gait analysis... Hope it goes well...

  • Thanks! It does feel a bit better today. I've taken ibuprofen a few times and just done my normal walking for the day. Should be fine for Friday... touch and go whether I'll run on Tuesday though.

  • Glad it's starting to feel better. It won't do any harm to rest up on Tuesday just to be sure.

  • You could ice it too if it's not to near to areas where you wouldn't want ice...you don't have to do much running for gait analysis, I did mine with shins splints. Hope you feel better and get some super new shoes. Don't forget the shoe police will arrest you if you don't post pics of them...

  • Can't really feel any symptoms today (yay!)

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