Well this won't be a running post. It may be a while till I feel up to running frankly! I arrived in NZ less than 2 days ago and had a lovely reunion with the daughter. Went to bed early last night after two glasses of sav and took a sleeping tablet to ensure a deep sleep. In the middle of a series of sweet deep dreams I became vaguely conscious of a distant beeping noise and someone shaking my shoulder saying getup pam get up. The house is on fire! Omg. I caught a glimpse of blinding yellow flames inside the bathroom door opposite my door and realised the air in my room stank of burning plastic . I didn't even pause to grab my wallet. Outside we all counted heads as we gathered on the lawn and watched smoke billowing out from under the eaves. We were all there and okay which we even then realised was the main thing.

The house was saved thanks to the local rural fire brigade though they will need a new roof. All I would say to everyone who reads this is CHECK YOUR SMOKE ALARMS! They undoubtedly saved our lives. Nobody smelled the smoke. It didn't wake us up. It would never have woken us up. Love to you all x

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  • How scary - so glad everyone is ok. Agree about smoke alarms. We check ours everytime the clocks change.

  • Forget the wallet - what about the running shoes !

    Seriously though - what a truly scary occurrence and glad to hear that everyone is safe :-) Smoke alarms should be regulation in everyone's houses (along with CO alarms).

  • Oh my goodness, TT what a truly awful experience for you all. Thank God you and your family are safe and sound. Your warning about the smoke detectors has been noted and I'll be checking ours as soon as I stop typing!!

    Take good care Sweetie. It's a dreadful thing that's happened and, despite your family's legendary endurance skills, you may feel quite shocked once the reality of the event sinks in- it's a scary thing to be reminded of our mortality.

    Love and best wishes to you all xxx

  • Oh TT. How awful for you. But how lucky were you all able to get out? You're probably in shock now but that's a really scary experience. I know a couple of people whose houses burned down completely and what's so frightening is how easily a fire can start. Sending you lots of hugs. xxx

  • Omg omg omg, what an experience. I should seriously investigate a smoke alarm.

  • Blimey TT that's really shocking. So lucky the smoke alarm went off.Bet you are counting your blessings today, glad you are all safe . Sending you a hug and hope you are all ok. Take care and I shall go check my alarm x

  • Oh goodness TT! Glad you're all ok. I would imagine running is the least of your worries at the moment! Love and hugs to you and your family xx

  • How awful. Not what you were expecting from your holidats. Glad you are all ok and I hope your daughter's house can get sorted quickly and relatively easily.

  • OMG, you must be so shaken up. Thank goodness every one is ok, and the house too....never a dull moment around you is there? XXX

  • Holy Crap ! That is sooo scary , what a absolute nightmare for you !!!! I am so pleased you are all safe, Blimey !

    Have the Fire Service found out what caused it ? Have you had to move out ?

    Lots of hugs and best wishes to you and your family.

    I know my smoke alarms are working, I have a habit of setting them off when Im cooking - Oops :-) xxx

  • Thank goodness you are all okay . What a frightening experience. Wecare going to check our alarms this morning.

  • Oh my goodness just so glad everyone is ok. You must have got such a fright. You don't have the best of luck in NZ TT. Sending best wishes and hugs to you and your family.

  • glad everyone got out OK. Hope it works out OK.

    I have an insane number of smoke alarms in the house because I have no sense of smell. I've had several small kitchen fires, and one more serious one (no casualties thank god). smoke alarms are good and checking the batteries when you change the clocks is a VERY good idea.

  • So glad you are all ok. What a frightening experience.

  • Oh my bl**dy good grief! What a flippin fright you've all had! So glad you're all ok

  • Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. I am restricted in my wifi access for obvious reasons so I'm sorry I can't reply individually. A kind neighbour has offered us a workers cottage on his farm so at least we had a bed for the night. The fire was caused by a bathroom extractor fan which short circuited, it turns out we are not allowed back in the house for at least a month while it is decontaminated. Toxic fumes have apparently got everywhere. Christmas will have to be rearranged but at least we will all be here to enjoy it! πŸ˜€

  • It might not be the Christmas you had planned but at least you will all be together. Guessing these firemen now going to be top of your Christmas card list.

  • Oh goodness . Thank heavens you are all okay. Hope you get straight soon. Xx

  • Blimey that's terrifying, so good you got out and good advice to..... Take care!!!

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