Threw Down the Gauntlet to the Gremlins

Threw Down the Gauntlet to the Gremlins

When I say I threw down the gauntlet, I really mean the ankle support. Having had a whole Grumble of Gremlins try to scupper my last run, I decided to do all that I could to make this one a good run.

I started my preparations yesterday afternoon, when, after a good strength and flex workout at the gym I popped into Boots and purchased a decent ankle support to help with my twinging achilles tendon. I hadn't realised the gremlins could go to such lengths to try and put me off my running, but one had even inhabited the body of the shop assistant. When I explained to her about the twinges in my achilles tendon, and after telling her when it happened, her suggestion was , "Why don't you just stop running?" I nearly said "Get behind me satan/gremlin!" but just smiled instead and carried on with my purchase.

Then nipped into M&S and found some leggings and a top in their final reductions, so snapped these up for about Β£3.00 each. I just love a bargain.

So this morning, having researched a route that I could run from my front door (no risk of getting stranded with a flat car battery), kitted out in my new attire, and with ankle firmly strapped up, I headed out the door with Sam Murphy in my ear.

It was a lovely run, and although I had a couple of mean hills to contend with, I didn't falter. The gremlins were nowhere to be seen or heard, and I managed to cover a good distance too.

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  • "why don't you just stop running". Indeed. And if they don't have bread, why don't they just eat cake?

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Nice outfit! I love a bargain too.

    Quite shocked that Boots would employ Satan. Shocking...

    PS Great comment Tomas - love it!

  • A Grumble of gremlins! Wonderful! Sums it up perfectly! x

  • Grimaldi the Gremlin thought he'd tried his luck with me this morning on a nice sunny run, I wasn't having any of it! A good run done! 😊

    I have Satan in my local Boots, she is like the Gestapo! And pharmacy service is terrible, hence, I went to another chemist!😣

  • Sun??? Where ? Please Dave , send me some, i am in the slough of greyness and fog and murk here!

  • For a minute then Oldfloss I thought you said you were in Slough. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    We had run here this afternoon, and my sister said she had sun in Slough too!

  • In Slough? Ha Ha! floss, sun in the morning then sunny periods in afternoon & Sat, think your near Stafford? I have sun down here tomorrow and all the way through the weekend, so will try and send you some more up!😁

  • Thank you.. I have a sun shortage here... it is so grey.. greyer than me, the Grey snail!

  • You the grey snail! No way! Your full of sunshine, you brighten up the day! This is now reminding me of the hymn we used to sing a lot in primary school, you know it well! All things bright and beautiful..😊

  • Dave..I think I love you..thank you for that..just what I

  • Ooh your Boots Gestapo sounds grim. Glad you had a good run in the sun. β˜€οΈ

  • Have a good Parkrun, take care with that niggly achilles and that new outfit!😊

  • Yeay.. go you.. you fixed those pesky gremlins good and proper! Looking very svelte in your pikkie too!

    Very well done and glad everything worked dare they suggest you stop running.. what is the world coming to?

    As for hills, we just get over them :) Brilliant!

  • Looking good in your bargain & gremlin basher Mrs Razouski πŸ‘

    And to end with a good run is just so satisfyingπŸ˜€

  • Thanks Davoda, finished all three Week 1 runs now, so will hopefully do a Parkrun on Saturday.

  • Good plan:)

    I think doing two Sami & 1 parkrun is a good balance πŸ˜€

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