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4E shoes!!

Where I live - I can get almost any kind of running shoes that I want - any brand - any colour- any size!!! BUT - 99% are only in standard men's D width!!!

I have been running for the past 2 years in lightweight minimalist type NIKES and other similar shoes - but spasmodically I have had problems with feet going numb while running. Just lately it has turned from being spasmodic to a little bit more "regular" - in fact it has really been spoiling my "enjoyment" of going for a run.

So today - I bought a pair of ASICS - they are the absolute opposite of what I have been running in - quite heavy, fairly rigid ( compared to the NIKES which are so flexible that they can almost be tied into a knot) -- BUT they are EXTRA WIDE 4E ( which are as rare as the proverbial, here !!)

Only time will tell!!!!

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Which asics did you get? I love my nimbus! Hope all goes well.


Fingers crossed. :-)

I get numb feet too but changing to a different type of sock seems to have helped.

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Hmm --- I had basically come to the conclusion that my socks have been contributing to my "problem" - but I think the bottom line is that the shoes themselves are too tight on my feet. Changing to a thinner sock seemed to to fix the problem - for a while until it returned!! :(


Oddly, I get numb feet if I do a long stint on the eliptical but have never done so running as yet. And I often wear the same model of shoes for both.

Hopefully this will help the issue for you - I certainly like my Asics, but then I've not tried the ultralight racing shoes.



Baz! You're broken the house rules.

Photo, please!


Hubby just bought a new pair of NB in 4E on special for $50. So NB does 4E


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