Monday morning always a challenge!

Monday morning always a challenge!

I argued with myself most of the way round and only just convinced myself that walking was NOT an option, was planning on dropping back to 5k but felt OK towards the end and so ran on to 6k, even managed to up my speed towards the end! Lovely track in the woods and friendly dog walkers and dogs which was good. Pace of 7.18, so 6km in 44 minutes which I was happy with 😊 - anyone know y my photo turns the wrong way round? Julie

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  • Well done!

    Are you holding it wrong?

    If you’re willing to hold your phone a certain way when you take pictures, then they will show up correctly. Make sure the phone’s round β€˜home’ button is on the right side. This is the only way the iPhone knows how to take pictures without the rotation problem.

  • I will try that next time!

  • Well done for winning the argument. Looks lovely.

  • That looks lovely Joolie but it doesn't look at all windy. Are you escaping the fierce weather?

  • Yes!! This morning was lovely so having read about the terrible storms, went out as it wasn't raining, good timing, rainy n windy this afternoon

  • That looks a lovely run and a good pace :-) Well done !

    I too argued with myself round a 5.9k this morning. I was ok once I got going, but was trying to talk myself out of it beforehand (too windy, too busy, too rainy) Funny thing was that although my brain was making all these excuses, my body had gone into automatic mode and was just going round the house gathering up my running gear in preparation. It was like an out of body experience !

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