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Bridge to 10K
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Just graduated c25k

And not quite ready to extend to 10k yet but I'd like to lurk around those who are!

I'm going to keep doing my 30 minute runs until I feel confident about doing 5k in that time without working too hard - I'm currently running around 4.3k in that time without focussing on speed or worrying about it so it seems plausible that I'll get there naturally with some repetition. Looking to start another programme (I think I'll be missing the lovely Laura!) to head towards 10k some time in the new year, but not before I'm ready.

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Welcome to the group, Sara, and congratulations on graduating! You're right not to push youself to run faster or further than is right for you. You'll find, though, that a lot if not most people will be able to run 10k before they could do 5 in 30 minutes, so don't let that be an artificial barrier.

When I did week 9, if I still felt like I had some running left in me after the 30 minutes were up, I carried on gently running to complete 5K. In fact I did that for every week 9 run. The first 5K was in about 37 minutes IIRC. A week after I completed week 9, I went out to see if I could get anywhere near 8K. I found a nice, gentle, easy pace which once I was into it, felt like one I could just go on running. To my surprise, I reached 8K. I even felt good enough to keep on going, and astonished myself by running 10K. Once you know you CAN do it, it's pretty easy to repeat it.

Just listen carefully to your body, and let it be your guide to how far and fast you run. Don't push yourself too hard though, because it's a bit miserable if you get injured and can't run - see my posts from the last couple of days.

The world's your lobster. I graduated at the end of March. Since then I've run in two 10k races, a 5 miler, and last month, a Half Marathon.


Thank you, sounds like good advice. I do feel most days like I could go further so maybe I'll see how 5k feels next week some time. The world is indeed the mollusk of my choice.

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Some runs are a slog and at other times, I feel fantastic, so choose a good day and just see if you can do it, nice and steady

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