How things have changed!

Yesterday I got the email that I had been expecting but was still disappointing. My planned holiday to Sharm El Sheikh next month is cancelled. So the search is now on for a replacement. If this had happened last year the criteria would have been - beach, food, nice room. Those are still in place but now there's another few - is there a treadmill? Will I be able to run round the resort? How am I going to keep to my training plan? Trip Adviser needs another category for runner friendly hotels ☺☺

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  • Oh exciting Sharon! And the first thing you'll pack is your running shoes!

  • Sorry about your holiday but it's better to be safe than sorry as they say. I'm a big one for going on google maps and seeing if there is street view. It doesn't help with the feel of the run but you get an idea about loops and stuff if there isn't a treadmill. Hope you find someone exciting to go.

  • What a shame...but best to be safe etc... what about skiing?? That would be so amazing in the mountains etc, and so good to supplement running???

  • I would love to go skiing but sadly my bloke wouldn't be thrilled

  • I live in Vilamoura, Portugal. Very running friendly - fairly flat with dedicated fitness paths plus good pavements all round the central areas, marina etc. Plus cliff top path or beach running/walking. Weather cannot be guaranteed but today at just before 9.00 am it is 16 deg C outside with clear blue skies and sunny. Might be an option for you if you don't want to travel too far.

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