Im really keen to increase my 5 and 20k speeds in parallel with my marathon training. So yesturday I tried something NEW... I did the 30,20,10. I really enjoyed it and im aiming to do it once a week. The really intense bit is only for 10 seconds so it felt doable but really tough! I will keep you posted if it makes any difference!!


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  • This looks so interesting JJ and seems to make prefect scientific sense. Keep posting how you get on. :)

  • I will, thankyou!!

  • I really think I'm going to try this. My only worry is the counting and mental arithmetic involved. I'm hopeless at remembering how many repeats I've done. Any tips for remembering? Can you set a Garmin to help you?

  • I was wondering that... There must be some way on a Garmin to do that??

  • I will need to dig out my Garmin manual. What I REALLY need is a little Laura voice in my ear saying, jog, now, speed it up now, SPRINT now!

  • Shall I make a Juicyju podcast??!!!!!!

  • Excellent idea JJ. I'd download it.

  • Yes please!

  • Definitely. A JJ podcast is the way to go!

  • You can set the intervals on Runkeeper.

  • 'You' being a tech-savvy person I imagine :-(

  • Someone here made there own podcast and put it in dropbox for us... let me see if I can find it...

  • I think this is it...


  • excellent..

  • Does it work? Can you get it? I haven't managed to get it onto my phone, I must have another go...

  • I use an Apple Mac and it downloaded OK for me.

  • Using Google Chrome web browser - when I click on your link, a webpage opens up which is playable podcast . I then right click on that page and click on SAVE AS - this then downloads an MP3 file which I can then save in my phone

  • Sounds like an interesting HIT technique. Looking forward to hear how it goes.

    And as for using Garmin to help with the count - yep, you can create as complex a Workout (that's what Garmin calls them) as you want on Garmin Connect. If you install Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone, you can then transfer them to your watch* and get audio and vibration alerts whenever it's time to change.

    *: Depends on model. Have a look at dcrainmaker.com/product-com... select your watch and scan down the list of functionality. You're looking for the row called "Create/Follow custom workouts"

  • That sounds very complicated!!

  • I bought one of these tiny little gizmos gymboss.com/ The Galloway run/walk crowd use them - the slightly more expensive version has the ability to set complex intervals into it - and it goes BING, BANG,BONG for the 3 different times we are talking about in this thread - and continues going BING<BANG<BONG until you have had enough!! :)

    About ten UK Pounds - except here in Australia where everything is 3 times the price of anywhere else!!!

  • Perfect, I love a bit of BING BANG BONG!!!

  • Hmm, not sure. "Presto Presto do your very besto"

  • now we know why Bazza likes a bit of BING BANG BONG!!!

  • Arrrrgh No!! I'll have this song stuck in my head for days ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐ŸŽถ

  • Sophia Loren is such a beautiful looking woman isn't she ? xxx

  • Thanks! That looks great!

    If I can get my Garmin to sync then I'll be trying this. I was going to try to export the w'out so that you can just import it into Garmin Connect but I don't seem to be able to do that - does anyone know if that's possible?


  • Set the workout up in GC online. The easiest way I've found to get it from GC to my watch is to open GC Mobile on my phone (which "magically" synchs with GC without being asked to do so) and ask it to synch with the watch. For some reason that pushes the workout out to the watch, whereas synching the watch with GC online doesn't seem to deliver workouts.

  • Thanks for the tip, but sadly my watch does not have Bluetooth, which is needed to sync with a phone as far as I can tell.

    I used not to be able to make courses sync using the Ant dongle, but I can now for some reason so perhaps I can do so for workouts too.


  • Ah, yes, the watch-to-phone is Bluetooth.

    I also used to be able to synch courses and workouts directly from the online interface, but I think that broke when they introduced the modern widget-based interface. So if it doesn't work straight off the bat, try to change to the classic interface and then synch (no, I don't have any good reason why the synching should in any way be dependent on the presentation, it's just that the loss of functionality coincided with the presentation layer change).

  • Ignore me. I've gotten so used to courses and workouts not synching directly from GC, but after you said that you now can do courses, I tried to synch a new workout. And it worked. Go to workouts, click "send to device", that brings up Garmin Express which says there is one item to install, click "install" and hey presto, workout arrives on watch. This is with my watch plugged into its charger which is plugged into the PC.

  • Great! Glad it worked. Hopefully mine will too - I'm at work just now so I can't tell.

    I was thinking that I could export the Workout so that anyone else could import it into GC to use but sadly I can't see how to do that.

  • I haven't seen an export/import function, but it might be there somewhere. It would be pretty cool with a library of sorts of peer-tested workouts.

    If all else fails, you can always create the workout and then take a screen shot of it, that will make it easier for people to reproduce it than if it was just a verbal explanation.

    Best of luck with the initiative, sounds like a great idea Ugi!



  • It's all a bit much all this techno advice!!!!

  • Going to try it tomorrow if its not snowing (chickened out of Park Run today) I Have an app on my phone with a severe American woman barking Jog! Run! Sprint ! at the correct intervals. I'll report how it goes.

  • MMm. I quite enjoyed that. And I certainly worked up a sweat. It was a bit of a muddy trail run down the farm track though so my 'sprints' were cautious because of trying to avoid ruts and puddles. I will definitely give this a go in New Zealand next month. Will know by then if I've got a Berlin marathon place. Getting nervous.

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