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The 401 Challenge

I don't know if many people here are aware of the exploits of Ben Smith, who is undertaking the 401 Challenge - 401 marathons on consecutive days. No rest days. Today was his 80th, and he came to Oxford. I had the pleasure and privilege to run with him with a bunch of other local runners. I didn't do the whole marathon (he did two laps of the Oxford Half course) partly because of time limitations and partly because I simply couldn't contemplate running much more than the 21K at this stage. He's an astonishing guy. He's doing this to support a number of anti-bullying charities - as much to raise awareness as to raise money. He visits schools and does all he can to create a profile.


The previous record for consecutive marathons was fifty something. Since he passed that figure, he's been setting a new world record every day! I took part in a world record event today :)

I ran about 17K today - and I really should have taken more notice of water and energy - I was running out of steam by the time I finished!

My run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

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I read about this guy! I think he's been to my town but I think he's back again in January

Well done Steve. 17k is no mean feat!


Find out and spend a little time with him. You'll never forget it!


I had heard about this and it just reminded me to ask my husband if he'd donated yet. He hadn't so I just did it on his behalf. There you go - you've helped his cause at least twice today :)

I'm trying to think of other ways to help him boost his fundraising but I'm drawing a blank. It is such a worthy effort for some fantastic charities. I'll keep pondering ....


Thank you! He's as grateful for help to keep him going - a laundry wash, some physio, food, a sofa to sleep on for the night....

He was really touched by the guy recently that filled his van with fuel.

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Well done you... And wow, Ben is really inspirational, quite something....

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