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It's a dog's life!

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Whoops, I just made a snap decision to enter a half marathon in September! It's paid for now, so I have to do it, yikes! I don't do organised runs because I like freedom and solitude but wanted to raise money for a charity dear to my heart and not sure anyone will pay me to run just for fun. Graduated from C25K about 15 weeks ago, have run 10k about four times now and this morning in the rain, decided to try for 12k and kept running to 13 kilometres - a Julie B world record!

Hope I can keep healthy and fit and build up to the half by September, any top tips guys? Julie 😳

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No top tips as the very thought of doing that distance scares the bejeezus out of me. But just wanted to say

"You go girl!!"

Good on you & that should be tonnes of time to be ready for it.

Looking forward to following your journey.

Good on ya! ☺☺☺

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Noaky12

I've seen a 14 week plan from BUPA which looks good and I have way more time than that, could even repeat weeks along the way. I do wonder if I am crazy but nice n steady, it will give me a challenge


Good for you Joolie - and a charity so dear to your heart will spur you on through your training I am sure! Look forward to following your journey. Lots of luckπŸ˜€!


Brilliant Joolie ! You are a very positive and determined lady and I have no doubt this is perfectly do-able for you ....

Well done and all the very best to you :-) xxx


No tips from me either but just wanted to wish you luck. Keep posting on your progress. You can do it ☺


No tips but you are half way there and it's a way off yet so I am sure if you take it steady and increase your distance slowly you will be fine. Well done.


Good for you Joolie. You have plenty of time to build up so just enjoy it. There are lots of plans out there - BUPA, Garmin, MyAsics. Or you could just create your own mixing up your runs. Go you!

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

I am starting the BUPA one for intermediate runners, it's a 12 week programme including cross training (I will cycle and do step aerobics) and I have over 30 weeks to prepare so it does seem possible but challenging as I am 52 and not super fit, exciting


You've got lots of time to get up to 21K. You can choose a programme to follow or just do your own thing. You'll soon be up to 10 miles (16K). From there, it's not too much of a step to get up to the full HM distance. As you've probably already realised, the step from 1 minute running to 5K is much harder than the step from 5K to 10K or 10K to a half marathon. My only tip would be for you to enter another HM before then (say end of May or June). I worry that, as the target is too far away, you'll be ready much sooner and be cooling your heels until September.

start the training now jools and build the long run slowly!!



Thank you all so much everyone! I could perhaps try some 10k events in the meantime as I can already run this distance on my own. Not so keen on group runs or "races" so I will be happy to do my own thing,matted parkrun etc


Blimey! I can't even imagine that distance, so all I can say is good luck and go for it!

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to laurav33

Where are you at now Laura? I ran 5k for many weeks and found it really tough but on a good day, I ran a bit further to 5.5k and that seemed to boost my confidence that I could do a bit more. Just kept adding a bit more distance when I felt good. I'm not super fast, just plod on and enjoying running. I am 52 now, so want to take it steady


Yep get fit all over. Your whole body! Walk, cycle, swim, go to the gym or do some fitness DVDs at home. The fitter you are the better you will be on the big day. Training wise progress gradually and don't overdo it.

Look after your diet as you'll need to be well nourished for all this extra activity, so lots of healthy food

You could probably do none of these and be fine (depending on how old you are) but I reckon the better prepared you are the better you'll be on the day.

I would run some hills as part of your training. Long uphill climbs, short hills but easy on the downhills

Have fun!

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

Start the BUPA half marathon intermediate training plan today and it is a reasonably easy week so will be fine. May also go swimming today (first time in ages)! I am 52 so need to be sensible but looking forward to the challenge

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