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I'm depressed !!

It's going to get up to 35C here tomorrow - and Summer hasn't even arrived yet!!!

I went out at 6AM this morning for an "easy" 10K - got back at around 7:20AM. Not a good idea.!!

I can see that sunrise is now around 4:45AM - and this time last year, I can see from my running log that I was OUT THERE well before that time ( to beat the heat) -- but I can't honestly say that I am as keen and enthusiastic now as I was then 12 months ago.


Anybody in the UK want to swap houses for a while??? I love UK in December!!!

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After reading your previous post, I think you've got a dose of over-training blues. You've done a lot of running recently, and maybe this lack of enthusiasm is natures way of telling you to take a break. Miles_Yonder and Tomas both ran marathons recently and both took a rest from running afterwards because the marathon took more out of them physically and mentally than they had anticipated. Hope you start feeling the love again soon :)


AM is, as always, right. I was "lucky" I guess in that it only took two weeks of non-running before I suddenly felt like going for a run again. But those two weeks did wonders for my legs and for my mood.

And to add to this, I have run two half marathons. First time I ended up taking 3 weeks off afterwards because I simply couldn't be bothered to run anymore, and after the second it was a five week break.

You need to listen to your body Bazza. And if you're aching and not enjoying it, then you're not doing yourself any favours.

Hope you find the mojo soon, but do give yourself time to heal physically and emotionally.

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I Swap with you if your in SA, I do miss the sun, but its not good to run in. I can remember going for a run at 21:00 at it being 45 Deg.


Blimey that is hot! And sorry no swop here. I love the cold and winter in the UK too!


I'll swop.... It's so dark here, and I would kill for a swim in the sea and the sun on my face....


You have my sympathy Bazza, I was in France this summer where we had a heat wave, 3 months of high 30s and it was grim. I found it was cooler just after sun up, but not for long...Surprisingly I found I didn't mind the heat too much but full sun is awful... not much shade where I am...


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