Building up by accident!

Building up by accident!

I graduated from C25K about 8 weeks ago now and run 5K X 3 times a week but tried a 10 K programme and at the time it didn't work for my legs, they complained loudly! Last week had a good run so kept going to 5.5 Km but today, another good run, legs felt good and breathing too so ran to 6 Km, never ever ran that far before! So excited. Back to 5 Km for now but starting to think 10 Km could be a future goal. 🙂😊

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  • Your legs are getting used to running and you're doing it exactly right Joolie. Use the same principle as you did for the C25K, slow and steady, and you won't go far wrong. I increased distance by half kilometer rather than a full one and this worked very well as I didn't feel I was putting much stress on my body. Well done to you.

  • Yes, that's the way, an increase then consolidate...keep on like that and you'll be running 10K in no time!

  • you can definately do it and just imagine how amazing it will feel it gradually and your legs will be fine :)

  • Thanks for the simple message at the start of your post. I was pontificating before my run this morning, avoiding both the run and work, and your message made me leave the house and get in a great run ! It looks like everything is falling into place for you, great to hear :)

  • Totally agree. Gentle increase is the best way to get there injury free. And as well as being painful, injuries take time. So gentle is good :)

  • I'm doing the same as IrishPrincess and increasing by half a km (apart from yesterday when it was so wet I carried on running to reduce the distance walking home!). You are doing really well.

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