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Unusual safety warning for trail series

I would really like to do some trail running and have discovered this series of "races" locally which look do-able to me. The individual runs are not too long .

However I have taken note of the safety warnings - involving FIRE and ... :)

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Possibly less of an issue here in Scotland. More likely to be frost bite than snake bite...... 😆

Does make you think though.

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You have to be tough to live in your neck of the woods, Bazza, what with the spiders, the magpies and the snakes. 😄


The spiders and snakes aren't that much of a problem -- it's those damned Magpies during Magpie season!!!!!


Waddle-giggle-gaggle-gargle-POODLE! (was one of my sons' favourite books as children, given by a great uncle who lives in Australia)


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