Good workout this morning - BUT--

This morning I did as I said I was going to - jogged and walked 1.7K down and back to my local fitness track - used all 8 "machines" ( rowing, stepping, etc) - and SPRINTED the 100 metres between sets of machines. The machines aren't that difficult as they only work on body weight - but they were good to use as I was recovering from the 100 metres sprints :)

All - in all - an hours enjoyable workout ( which is what it should be -an hour and enjoyable! ) :) -- BUT , as for the slow jogs, I seem to have lost the ability -- tight calves, just general boredom while doing it !! :)

Anyway, I'll keep on doing this - plus I have started to use my "home gym" -- I got two 3Kg dumbells from the local opportunity shop - and have been doing a 30 minute workout on Youtube -- considering that the dumbells are only quite small, it is quite a workout!! :)

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  • It's really good to mix it up and try and find the love again by keeping it fresh ☺

    Good luck

  • A great workout Bazza. What about taking a full week off running altogether and then you might get your mojo back when you do return? Just a suggestion.

  • Sounds like a great way to keep in shape while you ease off the running for a bit - there's no harm in substituting some other activities for a bit and that seems to be a great all-round workout.

  • Glad to hear it was an enjoyable hour of exercise for you. Sounds like it will be a good place for you to be able to maintain your fitness. You never know, the urge might suddenly take you one day to go off for a little run without bits of exercise in between. But don't worry if it doesn't. Better to keep fit doing something you enjoy than push yourself to do something you really don't enjoy and then give up. :)

  • I ma still running - I will go to parkrun this Saturday and then to running club on Sunday. I ordered a Gymboss yesterday - don't really know why. I do feel that using Galloway style run/walk does kind of "ruin" ability to run non-stop. But I am a bit tired of the non-stop pounding!! :(

  • I have no idea what a gymboss is, but I'm impressed and shamed by your activity. I have a huge list of excuses and a sort of plan, but not much action.

  • A Gymboss is a small device that you can programme intervals into - and it "beeps" at you when it is time to run or walk!! :) --ala Galloway style run/walking.

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