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Back in the kit!

After needing to "sit out" for 4 weeks due to severe fatigue (new diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease) I got the kit back on this morning, and ran!

I decided that I's start my Couch to 5K programme again, mainly to stop myself overdoing it, but also to be able to measure what level of exertion I'm able to manage.

Anyway, it was fine (phew!), and I'm encouraged that I can still get out there and work towards my 10k target! And my husband has agreed to do it with me - added bonus.

So relieved to be back in my beautiful shoes. :)

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well done on getting back out there :D I hard to re do the program due to injury but started back at week 4 so know how it feels.

Good luck and enjoy :D


Well done for getting back out there. It is great feeling getting your stuff out after a time away from it. There is something comforting about it. I am so glad your run went well.


well done, and lovely that the two of you will do it together :)


That's the way to do it! Keep as fit as you can possibly be! Well done on getting back out there

Take care x


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