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Time for intervals! NRC 60’s

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I like this intervals workout, so thought I’d do it again! I was set to leave the house, later than usual (major faffage) and my sister called. We have lots to organise so that took a while! Then I had messages to answer, so by the time I left my house it was about 10:45. A bit late for me and it was quite humid - but the workout is less than half an hour, so I thought I’d manage OK (and I did).

It doesn’t actually matter if you know your various different paces or not. This late revelation meant that I missed out on enjoying these workouts for a good while. There’s nobody out there waving a red flag if you run your mile pace too fast (although Coach does remind you that it’s 9/10 effort!)

So for me, it’s a average jog for the 5K pace and I do try and keep that around 8 mins/km, then slower for the 10K pace, and fastest for the mile pace. No way could I sustain the mile pace for a mile, but I like a workout! Plus, it’s only for 60 seconds, then you get a break!

I’ll give the times below so you can see how inconsistent I am!

60 seconds running x 4 @ 5K pace: 9:30, 6:35, 7:43, 8:25

60 seconds running x 4 @ 10K pace: 9:29, 7:48, 9,17, 8:15

60/seconds running x 4 @ mile pace: 6;13, 7:01, 6:05, 5:20

A couple of times I was fooled by inaccurate readings from my watch. I was running under trees and my pace suddenly seemed to slow down, so I went faster of course and messed up my times on a few of the intervals. Maybe it was to do with the satellite signal. Perhaps I should avoid looking at my watch and try to run by feel. 😬

After the workout ended I paused my watch for a few seconds and jogged towards home to make the distance up to 3K. I meant to go to 4K but my coffee was calling me!

It’s a fun workout, I love it! 😊👍🏃‍♀️🥵

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Glad your enjoying the intervals !They are fun aren't they !

I got one in yesterday and enjoyed it 😁

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Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Instructor57

Yes, I love them! And they get me out of the door if I’m not sure I want to run. That’s when I like the structure.

nowster profile image

Damp leaves are very good at killing the GPS signal accuracy. It's why my local parkrun always measures a good 10-15% short on the watch.

That final mile pace interval is surprisingly fast. Was it downhill?

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to nowster

I do confess that it was slightly downhill, but I was pushing it, too as it was the last one! 😄

Runninggirl59 profile image

Sounds like a great workout that you really enjoyed, there is nothing quite like it is there. It will have set you up for the rest of the day 😴

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Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Runninggirl59

Haha, I’ll probably go into town this afternoon, otherwise I’m likely to fall asleep on the chair! I needed to get out there today. A workout really blows the cobwebs today - especially that last interval. 😊

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Runninggirl5960minGraduate in reply to Jools2020

Yes, very impressive. Enjoy your shop 😀

WillowandSola profile image

Oh! I never thought of that. I always worry that my pace is too slow or if I run too fast for me I won’t be able to keep it up, thank you 😊 There’s a patch of trees on my river run where my pace slows to about 13mpk which is way slow for even me, but I’m sure it’s the satellite as it picks back up again without me changing anything

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Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to WillowandSola

No, you do them at your pace. The last 4 intervals are the workout! But you only have to sustain it for 60 seconds (then you get a walking break) so I do run faster for the last 4, but keep a little bit in reserve to finish strong. I think you’re right about the satellite signal.

cheekychipmunks profile image

I agree Jools. It’s a brilliant workout isn’t it, and such fun. I used to avoid intervals like the plague too, but now I look forward to them.

Well done on yours! Have you tried Run. Fast. Repeat? It’s so much fun and I highly recommend it. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

NRC run description
Jools2020 profile image

Who ever though I’d be enjoying intervals? That one does indeed look good!

Dexy5 profile image

That’s spooky Jools, I chose the same guided run this morning. Very unlike me though, I was out on the promenade before 8.00 this morning as we had a busy day ahead. I really should run early more often as I love it when I do. We had a westerly of 20 mph so although I was definitely putting varying degrees of effort into the intervals, it’s not that obvious when looking at garmin connect.

Well done for finishing with a flourish.

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

I’m not sure what happened to my early running! I used to love it so much. I’m sure I’ll get back to it as the temperature climbs. Funny you picked that run, too. I keep telling myself to try the 90’s one but that’s a whole 30 seconds more for each interval! I doubt if I would be finishing with a flourish then 😆

Dexy5 profile image
Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Jools2020

😂 😂

Oldfloss profile image

This sounds like fun and you clearly had fun! Huge well done you!

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! It never used to be my idea of fun! But I loved it.

Hedgehogs123 profile image

Well done, they're hard work aren't they, but I love intervals when they're finished!!😆🏃‍♀️

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Hedgehogs123

Yes, that’s one really good thing about them 😀

Rowers profile image

Funnily enough I did intervals of a sort yesterday too. Of a sort because I made it up: 100m at 8/10 pace, alternating with 100m steady. Not sure how many I did, but good to change things up a bit!

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Rowers

Yes it is! Well done. Making it up is even better! 👍👏

Beatlesforever profile image

Brilliant, well done Jools! 👏👏👏 I still haven't tried that particular run but I completely agree, I absolutely love those NRC interval runs, especially the ones that end on a faster pace 😃

Jools2020 profile image
Jools2020Graduate10 in reply to Beatlesforever

Thanks, Beatles. They are good fun, aren’t they? I keep returning to this one, because the 60 seconds is so doable! 😊

Beatlesforever profile image
BeatlesforeverGraduate10 in reply to Jools2020

I must try it out! 👍

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