Hayling Billy 5

Hayling Billy 5

The Hayling Billy 5 is run on the Heritage Trail which was the old railway branch line connecting Hayling Island to Havant. The event was a 5 mile trail run through some very pleasant countryside, in parts it was sea one side and fields the other. There were 350 runners taking part and I believe there was a waiting list of runners waiting for an available place. Bumped into quite a few runners I've met from various parkruns and events and had a bit of a natter, don't you get to meet a lot of people with this running malarky! 😊

It was a 7:15pm start and being more of a morning runner not expecting any speedy result tonight but here goes! A little bit squashed at the start line but it soon began to thin out and allow us to run at our own pace. It was sunny and was still quite warm. Tried to keep it steady for the first couple miles to get my breathing sorted, but that didn't work. There were a few quick runners around me and I must have tried to keep up the sweat was pouring out. Reached the half way mark and turned to be on my way back and my pace was starting to slow, my plan was to speed up a bit for the last mile to see if I could beat last years time of 43 mins! Struggled a bit to maintain my pace but very pleased to find my time was 42 mins 20secs, and a pace of 8:29/mile. My word that was a hot one, welcome chilled water at the finish with a nice piece of bling! Happy running all! 😎

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  • That sounds a super run Frank... was it flat ? I love the idea of a flat run!

    I can imagine it was a bit squashed at the start too, and a tad warm but it sounds as if you really enjoyed it.. and a good time too! I did a 10K revisited run on Sunday, and started off too quickly, but, a bit like you, just managed to pull back a bit of time at the end... we must be doing something right eh?

    Super photo ! x

  • Thanks Floss, it was flat! Wouldn't manage that time otherwise. πŸ™„ Yes I think we must be doing something right. x

  • Brilliant! Sounds like a cracking run.

  • Thanks Polly! 😎

  • Good one Frank πŸ€— and lovely looking bling. That's a nice distance and an evening run is lovely. I've done one before and really enjoyed it except I couldn't work out what to do during the day in case I scuppered something!

    Nice edges too πŸ™‚

  • Thanks IP, it was a good night with loads of friendly people. 😎

  • Blimey that's speedy Frank, well done you! Sounds like a really nice trail, nice bling too.

    Mx πŸƒπŸΌπŸ…

  • Thanks Madge. 😎

  • Ah our lovely Frank :-)

    Really Well done to you on a brilliant run, and in this heat too . Amazing effort ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Chris, it was a good night. 😎 xx

  • I also recently did an evening 5 mile trail run event but in very different conditions - pouring rain! It's a nice distance and like you I started slightly too fast and then spent the rest of the race working hard to sustain it. But you did well - especially considering heat - great time and you look very happy with your bling. Congrats :)

  • Thanks Ruth, Happy running!

  • Looking grand Frank, and what an amazing time. 42:20 for 5 miles, and on the trails, and on a hot summer evening. Well done you, you certainly earned that bling!

  • Cheers Tomas.

  • Sounds great! And a speedy time!

  • Thank you, the time did surprise me a little!

  • Well done Frank! Good time, good pic, nice bling, It was a very warm day yesterday and more humid in the evening?

  • Cheers Dave!

  • Wow, Frank! You just get speedier and speedier! And in the heat too! Huge well doneπŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra, hope your running still going well? 😎

  • well done Frank! brilliant running mr speedy! :)

  • Thanks Ali, I need to keep it up so I can compete with you guys! 😎

  • Go you!

  • Thanks Maddee. 😎

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