My taper plan

My taper plan

This post isn't much about running -- but more about my taper plan for my HM on Sunday. I thought that I would let you all know that I am sticking to the plan - I stopped myself from going out for a pre-dawn run today and went to breakfast at the beach instead!!! Who said that I can't stick to a plan???

AS for the HM - it is more of an inaugural "Running Festival" than a series of races -- they are very pleased however to have 500 entrants to the 42, 21, 10, 5 3.25 and 1K "races" ( the last two are for little ones and are later in the day. They have 100 entries for the 42 klm marathon distance - and 150 for the 21 klm Half. I think that many of the marathon entrants just want the t-shirt ( which is a very nice looking shirt but says on the back "Any idiot can run - but only a special kind of idiot runs a marathon!"

Better get back to my tapering plan!

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  • Gorgeous photo Bazza and a perfect spot for tapering! That t-shirt sounds the best and I love your tags! Ha ha.

  • Yes you had! That looks rather a fab spot for a bit of breakfast. Is it hot there at the minute? I hope not!

    That tee shirt sounds brill! We'll expect to see a photo

    I reckon tapering will go well for you. You seem to be in the right frame of mind. Chilled!

  • It's getting warm!! :( The HM starts at 6:30AM to beat the worst of the heat (more applicable to the full marathoners) - I reckon it will range from 18C to maybe around 25C while I am out on the track.

  • Oh I really want to run along that beach ! Its my dream , One day Pug , one day .......

    Good Luck Bazza , we are all rootin for you ! :-) xxx

  • :) Nothing particularly special about this beach ( except the restaurant in the Surf Lifesaver club which could /would never be built these days in such a site) - it is just one of dozens similar around here!! :)

    Put your feet up - and go for a virtual run along the beach here (assuming you know how to use Google Street view? :) )

  • Yes I think I will Bazz , not the real thing but as good as it gets for me at the moment ! :-) xxx

  • Is this where you will be running? How utterly beautiful...

  • No - this is where I am "tapering" :) . There are actually a few parkruns in this area - 2 of which are along the shoreline ( not on the beach itself) -- if you want to do a beach parkrun , there is one in Newcastle. I imagine it would be quite tough because it is all soft fine silica sand - that , and the number of runners on it, would make it very difficult I think.

    My Runners Festival goes through coastal wetlands further inland which have been turned into a nice park

  • I am sat here so jealous, that looks like an amazing spot to have breakfast. What an amazing view!!!

    That is a great t-shirt!!

  • Great spot for a bit of tapering there!

  • Great location, I would love to be relaxing on that beach right now. Instead I have my central heating on, as the rain lashes against the windows... Best of luck with your event. Will look out for your event report.

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