Juicyju's plan

Juicyju's plan

I was lucky enough to be in Cornwall at the weekend for my little sisters 40th...so that means one thing for me...my favourite trail run!! Its a 10k route and for some of it its incredibly wild and remote. So I did the run on both Saturday and Sunday. Blimey its getting so cold, I wore just my running vest and I was quite chilly!! I was nearly attacked and eaten by a bunch of cows, they absolutely terrify me!

I haven't given myself any targets for a while as I have been recovering from injury etc, but I feel ready now and excited at all the new adventures. So this is them- all for April 2016:

5k: 27 minutes ( currently 27.5)

10k: 55 minutes ( currently 56.52)

HM: 2 hours 5 ( currently 2 hours 12)

Marathon: 4 hours 55 ( currently 5 hours 30)

Some of them look really similar but believe me I am a long way from them right now!! I will do this by the following:

running 4 + times a week

Gym in between

Finding the perfect marathon training plan that enables me to work on my speed.

Intervals - I know they work, they always nearly kill me but so worth it for reaching my personal goals!

I feel so much stronger than last year when I started training for Paris and my approach is much better too. Thanks for reading.

Happy Panthering



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  • Hi Ju. Good to see you out there running up a storm. I was running in a tee shirt the other day, and it was warm out today while out with the dog, jogging a bit through mud! So no icy conditions just yet, thankfully

    As regards speed, I think strength first and speed follows on from that. You know what you're doing and your plan looks fine. With your guts and determination you'll get there. Have fun with your training! ☺

  • Is that right? Should i do weights and stuff at the gym? I am really rubbish at weights as i find them boring!!!

  • I think if I had worked on strength I wouldn't have had my shin splint, so now i'm putting that right. I do JM dvd's which involve weights, pilates, plyo, yoga, boxing etc so you get a good workout. Could you do circuit training at the gym or body pump etc. Something structured so it's not boring as it's quick. Like rig says we should be doing squats and lunges etc etc. ☺ i'm getting better at it all 😊

  • I have tried to start Bazza's push up plan... and I have 2 training plans designed for me!!! I am so limited for time when I go that i focus on bike and cross trainer!!! Also- all those big men scare me ;)

  • You might not find weights that bad now. I started a couple of months ago to supplement my running. Just kind c25k it's nice to see the progression of what you can do. And it helps when you have the idea that it's supporting an activity you love.

  • I get what you are saying, and Thankyou...

  • I do the fitness stuff at home where the only big scary guy is my old man 😊

  • Brilliant!!!

  • Those targets are soooo d'able Juju. Piece of cake for a panther like you!

    I also love the way you in no way exaggerate the cows incident! Believe me, they are more scared of you that vice versa!! (I know as I was brought up on a dairy farm....in Ireland of all places.)

    See you in person at The London Winter Run for point scoring, naughty stories and a right laff.

  • I can't wait.... Definitely front and back scoring 🤓

  • You can so make those targets. I was so surprised at how much losing a weekly 5km run and just doing a speed run made such a difference to my time. I never would do thought I was ever going to get any faster until I did that. I'm working on my stair push ups at home just when I can fit them in, that way i don't to factor going anywhere to be able to do them. I want to do abs and squats the same way but I'm starting with baby steps. Great photo by the way. Happy panthering.

    Ps. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone in Jan as well.

  • That sounds good, and Thankyou, I hope so!!

  • Oh I do like a good plan, and yours looks like a good plan. I'm sure you'll get there because you've got the determination to push on when things get tough.

    I'm doing the stair push ups like RFC and, quite honestly, it takes hardly any time -I just do the push ups whilst I'm cooking the dinner, nipping out of the kitchen to do each set of reps and then back in again to check nothing's boiling over on the hob.

    :) xxx

  • That sounds perfect, like you I'm a crazy busy type!!!

  • Well done Juicy and good to have targets. I would recommend the rowing machines good for core strength and stamina but hard work. Keep it up.

  • Good idea, Thankyou!!

  • Looks like great targets and ambitions, and I wish you all the best with it. As for strength training - all the clever peeps say it's really great to do, just don't start doing it at the same time as you're starting a marathon training, as you'll increase the risk of burning out.

    I wish I could learn to listen to the clever peeps. I've been doing squats and pushups semi regularly, but keep falling out of the habit. I hope you're better at keeping to it than me :)

  • Good advice, Thankyou... 🤓

  • Hmm - JuicyJu -- I don't know if I like your plan!! :) All of your goals involve improving/increasing running times. The biggest problem with these kind of goals is that they are never ending - what do you do after you achieve those goals?? If increasing running pace is the only kind of goal that you can think of now- then it will logically become the next set of goals as well. It's a bit like stretching a runner band -- it can be done, that is what rubber bands are for - BUT IF you keep on stretching them (trying for them always to "do their best" and "for them to challenge their inner selves") --they WILL break!!!!

    I think that this is the greatest question that we, as runners, face .. Why do we run or why do we keep on running??? For many/most it seems to nearly always come down to running faster/further. Perhaps that is merely because many/most of us can't come up with a better answer??? :(

  • Sadly I'm quite self competitive, and I always have goals in life that I am aiming for... And if I don't have them I fade away!!! I'm just excited that I am able to give myself these goals now as I've had to mentally recover from the marathon and injury. I know what my next goals are already, and that will be ultra's. My 5k and 10k times will plateaux and as I move on it will be about full on endurance. Running suits me because I can constantly improve and there is always a new goal around the corner... And that goal might be finding a new trail or a new adventure rather than being statistically focussed... So qualitative as well as quantitative 😎

  • Good luck with all of those targets - there is nothing like a firm plan for focusing a determined mind on success.

    Ps Dan has no idea what he is talking about! Those terrifying bovine beasts were definitely out to get you because they try it with me too. Don't even get me started on the sheep .......

  • Go on! -- I know that many kids don't know that milk comes from cows - but you do know that cows and sheep only eat grass??? Don't you??? :) BUT - bulls and rams are just downright mean!!!! I'm not sure how to tell which is which!! :)

  • I've heard enough stories about people getting trampled and I don't want a sheep to head butt my bottom! I think the fear stems from when a pony tried to eat my coat (when I was still wearing it) as a child. That said, I like horse riding. I'm just irrational 😅

  • That is hilarious about the pony!!!!!

  • 35 years later my Dad still thinks it is funny that I was screaming my head off .....

  • I share your trauma. I was bitten by an effing pony when I was 9. Had blue and black marks on my arm for a month. So yeah, they are nasty and untrustworthy creatures.

    (And they look silly, but don't tell 'em I said so)

  • They are terrifying!!!!

  • Hey JJ, first all like the times not a massive stretch but a little push xxx

    Im just going to echo a few folks on here strength training is the way to go for improved times and injury protection....i hadnt run since November last year but for the past 4 months i have been strength training and i decided to start running again because ive got to the place where i miss it...so i thought ill no way be able to do anything after Week 4 so i started @ W4...too easy...so Week 5...too easy...Week 6...too easy but i did it anyway - in less than 2 weeks id gone back to running for 20 minutes and im now on W7 Run 8 because i thought i need my body to get used to running again and dont want to do something silly....and im running faster than i ever have before and its due to strength training 😊

    Last year i was running a 11,20 pace ish ish...this year im running a 10,20 pace ish ish - all thanks to strength training!

    PS i use Chalean Extreme or a friend of mine uses Body Beast - its hard and the muscles give you some ache but the benefits are worth it....i have no more backache and all thise niggles i have are gone....best thing i ever did was invest in my bowflex adjustable dumbbells and put CEX on the tv xxx

    Happy Panthering xxx

  • Wow... Well done you, that is really fantastic and shows it works!!! Thankyou xx

  • ❤️

  • I am in Cornwall, there was a story front page of the local paper a couple of weeks back about a local trail runner being trampled by a cow up on Bodmin moor.

  • Oh Fu** that really is scary

  • Those are great goals, not pie-in-the-sky silly unattainable goals. You'll smash 'em xxx

  • Thanks babes xxx

  • Good Luck Ju ! I am sure this is perfectly do -able for you ! :-) xxx

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