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So - here you are all hiding!!!

I had "heard" that there was a new Bridge to 10K" community - but couldn't find it.

I haven't got much to say about 10K's right now - I am "tapering" to do a HM next Sunday using run/walk.

I think that I have discovered two things recently - perhaps the longer stuff isn't really for me and perhaps run/walk is also not for me??

Anyway - once I get my T-shirt next Sunday!! :) -- I am going to take a full week off from all running activities and then will return to the 5&10K distances. I am going to attempt this time to run for some months to some HR training zones using a HRM and will attempt to COMPLETELY disregard any paces - mins per klm. Although there are older runners who can do some fantastically fast paces, I am not one of them -- I did a 10K slow round trip run, very early this morning through a forest (all by myself) and enjoyed it - I also realised when I got back to the camping ground from which I started that I was the only one to do such a thing this morning!! -- perhaps even ever??? :) So - from now on, just being able to "run" 10Klms at any pace is going to do me .

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Hi Bazza and welcome - we haven't been here long. Tour run through the forest sounds lovely.

I'm doing a HM next Sunday too and my training hasn't gone well this last few weeks (also ditched the Asics plan early on) so I will do it run/walk style, probably. I've also decided to go back to basics after a break and work on stamina and heart rate and then see where I'm at with regard to distances in the spring. From now on I might even just do the virtual races as up to now I have preferred to run on my own. Maybe that will change next year.


My training - using run/walk- has been OK up until the past week or so. I have done one 20K training run. But life has gotten in the way a little over the past couple of weeks :( and it is getting hotter here . I WILL finish - but I am going to have to forget any kind of race time goal.


You and me both, although heat won't be in the equation for me here in blighty!


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