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Brain Fade Meant Running Further

Set out to do 10k this morning and check out a new(ish) trail as part of the run to see if it will be suitable for winter use. Answer is yes but not in the dark, as approach/finish is a bit remote/awkward so it's a new stretch for weekend runs only which is fine. Near the end I had brain fade as my Garmin bleeped and I saw 10k but for some reason thought that meant I needed another 1k, so my 10 turned into 11k - as I was a fair way from home due to this blip I started to walk but realised I would get cold doing that so ran another, unrecorded, 1k.

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Well done doing 11k, even if unintentional that's amazing !!!

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You have to don't you! I often do that (when I'm fit that is)

Glad to hear you're still running! I'm hurt at the minute but doing 15 min runs now. I missed the Chesterfield marathon as I crocked myself doing the Holymoorside 10k. Running hell for leather down the final hill was a bad, bad idea

I love checking out new trails! Running them in the dark is another matter though. When your foot hits an unseen low bit and rattles your brain. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


I didn't do Chesterfield this time as the date didn't work for me. I'm having a go at the Worksop half next week. Not looking for any records, just to finish as training has regularly gone pear-shaped. Have been told by several people that it is a nice run.

Good to see you're back and at it now. Take your comeback steady - I know you will - as being on the IC is no fun.


I did it last year! Lovely course which leaves the town centre, up Sparken Hill which is a long climb but that's the worst of it. Bit of slope inside Clumber Park and that's yer lot there. It passes through the Welbeck Estate for a little bit, which interested me as you don't normally get a foot over the threshold there. The only down side for me was lack of support once out of the town centre. Folks in Clumber Park didn't give two hoots about us so it was really underwhelming. It only picked up as we arrived back in town. The locals were fine though bless em. It was a long spell though where there was nothing. So, be prepared to dig deep. I'd deffo do it again. When I'm better. However, if you do the Chesterfield you can't really do the Worksop as they're so close together. Well, I suppose you could if you were fit enough. I aint!

I'd rather do Clumber though cos it's easier than town, which folks said was really tough


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