Anyone signed up for any events?

I was just wondering if anyone has signed up for any events in the future?

I know there are a few of us from the C25k group and the beyond C25k Facebook page that are signed up to the London winter run 31 January 2016 and there is a little meet up before.

I went to watch last year and it was a lovely atmosphere. This year I am running.

I am also signed up for the big fun run 5km 31 October

And the Hackney HM 8 May 2016.

I was looking around and even though it feels like the season is coming to a close there are still lots of events around to tide us through winter.

I really hope this year is a mild one.

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  • HI, I have entered a 10k in Boscombe, which is on the coast near Bournemouth. My thinking is, if I've entered I've got to get the training done !! I'm considering joining a running club now the evenings are getting darker both for company and maybe some motivation. Happy Running !!!

  • Hi Admin,

    I am concentrating on my running training at the moment. Having said that, I have signed up for a 5K and a 10K. But after that, I will not be doing anything else until I finish C25K and then go on to be able to run a full 5K.

    All the best with your runs!

    Ash xxx

  • The Winter Run looks awesome! I would love to meet up with some fellow runners.. and have some motivation to work off the inevitable Christmas weight haha

  • I'm signed up for the London Winter Run. I think they are doing the same type of event in Manchester and Liverpool too aren't they? It would be great to meet up with fellow runners on this forum. I will have a look at the link. I've entered the Chester Half Marathon that is next May and I'm currently trying to decide if I should do another 10km before then - I think I'll wait and see how the training goes

  • Yes, there will be a 'Winter Run' in both Manchester and Liverpool next year. I'm signed up for the Liverpool one :D

  • I have signed up for the Chester Half in May too

  • I have signed up for a 10k in December in the hope that I am off the injury bench by then. It's a small, local affair but I think it's a good one for me to aim for.

  • Hi RFC

    Only thing I am signed up for is the London Winter Run. Looking forward to running in central London as I'll never do the marathon!!!

  • Signed up for the winter run - and am going to do a couple of virtual runs meanwhile to keep me motivated. Flying off to New Zealand just after the LWR and am waiting for registration for the 5 mile Round The Bays run in Auckland to open up. That one will be very exciting to do as I lived there for a year decades ago and never dreamt I'd go back and run it someday.

  • thinking of committing to a spring marathon in the next week or two... eek!

    Doing the Berlin HM at the start of April and the London Winter Run at the end of January. Might try ans squeeze another HM in there somewhere.

  • I've got the Liverpool Winter Run booked in January, and the Mersey Tunnel 10k race in June to look forward to :)

  • Short term I've got a virtual 10k this month and a real half a week on Sunday. This will be interesting as my training started well but has gone very pear shaped in the last 6 weeks or so. I expect to be run/walking a good deal of it, assuming I get to the start! I'm doing the virtual November Poppy Challenge. I think after that I'm going to do some strengthening/consolidating and look at my options in the After Christmas. But I think I'm going to make HM my longest distance - plenty of those to choose from.

  • Hey.. A new forum :-) I'm signed up for the Weston Super Mare HM I'm a couple of weeks time. Looking forward to hopefully completing this one and then dropping the miles a bit as it gets colder and darker.

  • I'm signed up for a 10k in Jan 2016. And i really really hope I get the go ahead to traIn for it soon *reminds myself to go do physio exerices - meh*

  • Coastal trail series 10k in Feb in Northumberland for something a bit different. Maybe do a local firemans run which is in November here on the Isle of Man- 5 miles. Need to have something on the calendar to aim for!!

  • I'm currently signed up for the Olympic Park 10k on 13th December and the London Winter Run in January. A week ago I ran the Oxford Half Marathon, and now have the bug, so I'm looking at more halves to do. The Vitality North London Half looks good, finishing inside Wembley stadium.

  • I have signed up for the Liverpool winter run and the Edinburgh HM next year.

  • Ooh, I've just discovered this forum. Lots of familiar names.

    I really want to do the winter series. Polar bears and snow. What more do we need.

    Be even better if some of us c25k guys meet up.

    Jules xx

  • Only just came across this forum :-)

    I have just done a virtual 10k Halloweeen run and am looking forward to my medal! Then four more this year...5k Robin Hood trail event in Sherwood Pines at the beginning of Nov, Suicide 6 (apparently challenging multi terrain in a country park in the Midlands, 6miles), a Night Run(late afternoon really) at a National Trust place near Stroud in early Dec and another virtual 10k before Christmas.

    Then there is a long gap before the Northumberland Coastal Trail which will be my fist half marathon. Early April Wolf Run (I regret that a little already), a week later a 10k Lake District Trail, Birmingham Black Country canal paths HM in July and Tissington Trail HM in october. Phew....can I fit anything else in???

  • I'd spotted that Tissington Trail HM too - it looks great. I think it will be full up though by the time I may have convinced myself I could possibly do it!!!

  • I am sure you could. There is a lot of time to build up towards it! And apparently it is mostly downhill :-)

  • My knee still aches after a 10k and I'm cautious of too much downhill running ..... excuses, excuses! I'm going to push myself over the winter and see about increasing my distance as my knee used to hurt after 6k!

  • I don't like too much steep downhill either. Hoping it's a gentle steady downhill, I think the point they are making may be about it not being uphill which is always nice. Good luck for the knees!

  • Thanks. Yes - I think the promise of a trail HM without significant hills is what makes it so popular ☺

  • I have signed up for PortSunlight 10k in April and Chester HM in May, waiting for Sport in the Port to open for June too and Wirral HM later in 2016

    Happy running

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