Hoping to be able to get a decent 10km time

I graduated using C25K in August 2014. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do it or that it would have such an impact on my life. I took things slowly after I graduated. After all I'm in my (very) late 40's and ... how can I put it? ... well built. Having said that in the last year I have lost just under 5 stone so I'm not quite as well built as I used to be!

I built up to running 10km and by the end of May this year I was doing a 10km(ish) run once a week and 2 shorter runs per week. I did my first 10km race 3 weeks ago - not a brilliant time of 1 hour 25 minutes but it involved hills and it was a hot day. I did another 10km race last weekend and chopped 3 minutes off my time. I was chuffed with that.

I've entered the London Winter Run that is happening on 31st January. Then in May I've entered the Chester Half Marathon. At the moment I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it but I figure I've got a good long time to prepare for it. I'm going to use a MyAsics plan for the training. I used one to prepare for the 10km race. I have to say that it was pretty tough towards the end and I ended up reducing the distances for the last few weeks. I think I maybe set my expectations too high but on the whole I liked the way the plan works so I'm giving it another go for the Half Marathon.

If I manage to run a Half Marathon as I turn 50 years old I will be over the moon!!

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  • Hi Sharon,

    First off, well done on all that you have achieved so far! The c25k graduation, the weight loss, and the 10k accomplishments are all incredible and you should be extremely proud! All of that in just over a year is a massive accomplishment.

    It's awesome to hear you are continuing on your running journey and looking towards a Half Marathon! I also used My Asics as a training plan for my last HM. I do like it because you can move your runs around to match your schedule and it does vary the speed and lengths of the runs. I, too, reduced my distances a few times.. but it still helped me succeed on the actual race day.

    Just wanted to say good luck with your preparations and looking forward to hearing more about your training as it goes along!

  • It was my ambition to run a Half Marathon before I was 50. And yesterday I did it!! My 10km time is about the same as yours (I've entered the Winter Run as well). It's definitely doable. Good luck with it!

  • Well done!! Part of me thinks I'll never be able to do it but I want the challenge so I'm giving it a go. I think there is going to be quite a crowd of us doing the Winter run. Really looking forward to it

  • I live in Kent so I intend to make a long weekend of it when I visit Chester. It fitted in just right with all the other stuff I'm planning for next year and it's flat - that is very important!! ☺

  • I'm doing the winter run and then I'm doing the Hackney HM on May 8th so we will be doing the same sort of training. At the same time. I'm hitting 50 next September. I used the Asics for my HM last year and I found the steps ups a big increase this time I think I might tackle them a little earlier and get used to them. I have a 10 km on 15 November so I am using that as a training event and then hopefully build up to a better time for the Winter run. I'm currently at 1:28 for my 10km. Thats without hills but it is a starting point. It will be fun to go through our training together.

  • I turn 50 in April. Quite frankly I'm using it as an excuse to do loads of stuff next year that is going to end up costing many Β£'s but you only live once right? I'm going to start on the Asics plan but if I feel it's too much I'll ditch it. I like having a routine & that type of plan gives you that doesn't it. Other than the winter 10km I haven't got any other races booked in. At the moment I can't decide if I should do another 10km but I think I'll just see how I get on. Good luck with your running & training. They'll be plenty of updates along the way!

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