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working on speed (I mean this in the broadest fashion)

I did the speed podcast the other day. Does anyone else use the podcasts to help them get to 10km?

I am hoping that with a little bit more speed it will bring my training time down as I am noticing the difference being slower on the longer runs. 10km in 1 hour I think will always be out of my reach. But as I always say it is about being off the couch.

Happy running to all.

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I used the stamina one, to slow my bpm down a bit. I would hurtle off out the door (which is still quite slow compared to most folk!) and run out of puff too quickly, so I needed to run at a more 'comfortable' pace to do the longer distances. I'm ridiculously slow, so 10k took me ages! Consequently, I usually do max of about 8k, and mostly 5k, otherwise half the day has disappeared!


I totally understand, I'm the same. I must admit I haven't tried the stamina one yet. It sounds like it might be my sort of thing, I must download it and give it a go.


I used them to death! I still use them when they crop up on my MP3 player. I left them on there as I liked them so much. The music is a bit weird sometimes but I think it's ok to slow up and down. That's running, and it keeps your legs guessing, I guess!

They're free, with Laura, and good practice. No drawbacks for me


Yes, give them a go, they really work and are great when you don't have much time.


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