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Breast cancer relapse with Mets.

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Hi doc. Sumeet,

Hope everything is well at your end.

My mom is 53year/F/ Post menopausal. I have one query that, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 & post chemotherapy & BCS for 5 years was on tamoxifen, this year in Jan21 she was diagnosed with relapse of cancer with ER,PR + & HER2 -. Mets in sternum, liver, left Iliac bone, right auxiliary gland. She went for radiation 16 cycles for breast & sternum. Alongwith that she is on Femara 2.5 & Palbociclib 125mg. She has completed 2 cycles of Palbociclib. In both cycles her wbc, rbc & hemoglobin all are just too low even when she's on 7days break of Palbociclib & post that cbc is done her counts don't improve at all, is that okk? or is there any toxicity or intolerance of medicines?? Doctor told us that Palbociclib will be given to her life long then her counts will be low & her immune will be compromised for life?? Please do guide on this. Any more info required let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello ndbhayani, I think you should discuss with doctor to lower the dose to palbace 100 mg, the same happened with my mother. she is now doing well on 100 mg. atleast wbc comes up in 8-9 days of each cycle. also keep her diet very healthy. chukandar+gajar juice, apple, anjeer etc etc.God bless.

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ndbhayani in reply to KuSukesh

Hey thanks for the reply, sukesh. My mom is on Palbace 100mg from 3 cycles. Her Wbc, RBC, after 21 days cycle comes low only. For wbc her counts are 3500 to 4000 only they are not increasing from this number at all. So wanted to know that is this normal with all who is taking Palbace?

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