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Post surgery help

My mum has got breast mastectomy in stage 4 metastatic yesterday...she is in pain now.. can u suggest do s and donts after surgery

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Give her some good pain killers to make sure she is free of pain. We can’t prescribe any medicine here, so Ask your surgeon, I am sure he will help.

Ensure there is good dietary intake as also fluid intake.

Make her walk around.

Let her wear loose clothes so as to be comfortable.

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Okay thank u sir...can u specify specific food items and fruits which will be best for her?? And curd should be given or not


Let your mother guide you as far as foods. She may not feel well at first and may prefer lighter foods, soups, etc. there are no specific foods that are best. Concentrate on a balanced diet. You can add more variety as she feels better.

Be sure she is drinking water, and be aware that constipation can be a problem when taking pain killers. Ask her doctor about something for her to take if that becomes an issue. It's important to not let it get serious.

If she has a drain, look for a house coat (robe) with pockets. You can cut a hole from the inside into the pocket so the tubing goes through it and the drain can sit in the pocket. It makes walking around much easier.

Let us know how your mother is doing. Being a caregiver is very stressful, but in a different way from being a patient. Be sure to take care of yourself, so that you can be there for your mother.

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