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Breast Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Please let me know the top Doctor's should I consult for surgery and treatment of Breast cancer in Bangalore. Also which hospital in Bangalore has the best Oncology treatment facilities in terms of latest equipment , experience and patient care

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Sandeep Nayak has some of the best reviews. Look for him in Practo.


There are many good centres and many good Oncologists there in Bengaluru. you should select a doctor who responds to you and explains well, who picks up your phone when you need him.


iSome time am under going treatment in Sankara cancer hospital Basavanagudi, from DR RAVI DIWAKAR.The hospital is clean and has all facilities.


Dr Vineet Gupta sakra world..I ve been consulting him n pretty convinced with his treatment


Vineet Gupta is also my doc..n m happy with my treatment..


from my personal experience, good dr. is more important than good hospital bcu most of the hospitals has all the latest facilities but you will find only few doctors..who cares for us..best of luck


HCG is one of the specialist for this. Please visit thier main center in Sampangi Nagar, near corporation.

Unlike other hospitals , all the staff and doctos are well versed and aware of cancer treatments, side effects and medications . The hospital is pretty unorganized

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