Metastasis of meninges suspecte

I will be much thankful if you could help me with your wife CA breast patient underwent treatment 2 years ago and was on tamoxifen 20 mg. She had surgery chemo and radiation. Now past two weeks experiencing severe head ache. The MRI showed enhancement of meninges. Csf cytology found mildly atypical cells. The doctors have suggested for repeat of LP. I understand they are suspicious of metastasis. How risky is it? are there effective chemos for this state ?

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  • Its really disturbing to hear this. Lets wait for our Doctors to reply you

  • thanks for your response...

  • She needs Whole body PET SCAN and repeat Lumbar puncture for CSF cytology to prove relapse before treatment.

    It would be dangerous to consider any treatment without solid proof of relapse.

    If it's positive, it's unfortunately bad news of course..It's difficult to treat but Chemotherapy and localised radiation would be the only options to try and control this cancer as long as possible

  • thank you Dr for the timely reply. Second LP is done, no indication of any infection. Presence of atypical cells. Cytology report yet to come.

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