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I'm afraid of cancer

Hai... I'm kaviya ... I'm just 17 years old.. I'm feeling something like lump in my right armpit... When I touches it I'm feeling the pain.. otherwise I'm not feeling the pain in any way... And then left armpit is normal... im having this pain for nearly 2 to 3 years... I just left it will be ok soon... but my pain is not even increasing or decreasing... I searched for symptoms in Google... Most of it resulted in breast cancer... I'm very afraid of this... Can anyone pls explain me..

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Hello Kaya - don't take tension. It does not seem like cancer. Still if you have any doubt better get it checked once from any oncologists


I m sure in the last 2 years who might have been to few doctors and they would have told you that this is a fibroadenoma and nothing majorly to worry about.

If it's getting too troub lesson, please do visit your doctor who will guide you.


I never went to hospital regarding this... I just left it as something unimportant... But now I'm little by little more afraiding of it... I just thought its nothing it become normal soon but im feeling the pain constantly... recently my neighbour also had the same symptom it resulted in breast cancer... From that day my afraid reached a top..


Don't worry. This looks like a fibroid, nothing more. Better to go and consult a doctor so your apprehension is relieved.


Kaviya - I don't know whether this message went through to you. HU wouldn't accept it so I'm trying again.

I hope that you will take Dr. Shah's suggestion and see a doctor for a check up. This is probably nothing, but better to have a doctor make that determination. You will sleep better at night. It is wonderful that there is so much good information available on google, but trying to diagnosis ourselves using it is not a good idea, though we have all tried it at some point, I'm sure. Let us know what the doctor says.




Running away from it will only increase the problem. I hope it is something minor and could be taken care of. If you haven't visited the hospital, please do asap so u can be free from this psychological trauma... And get rid of the thing.

Good luck

God Bless



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