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Metabolically active extensive skeletal Metastasis primary site of malignancy is right breast

Dear sir,

My mother age 45 suffering from bone metastasis cancer and primary source of cancer is right breast (carcinoma right breast with bone metastasis) .

Biopsy report reveals that infiltrating duct carcinoma of intermediate nuclear grade.

PET CT Report impression was metabolically active right auxiliary lymph nodes metastasis, metabolically active extensive skeletal metastases, no other evidence of metabolically active disease in rest of the body

Doctor is saying the cancer has also spreaded to bones, the stage is advanced.

Medical Oncologist advised that need a cheemo for 6weeks.Now they are given 1st cycle weekly cheemo with paclitaxel 100mg and zolendronic acid 4mg.

Please help whether the treatment is giving our doctor is correct way or shall we change the hospital?

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It must be a difficult situation, I understand. But don't worry. Your Oncologist has done the right thing and you seem to be very much on track. Please discuss with him / her if any radiation needs to be given to the spine or not (let him decide). In case you mother has bony pain, radiation will help to reduce pain. Also, ensure you give her good pain killers to keep her pain free and comfortable.


Thank you for your advice


To further add to Sumeets comment, enquire about her receptor status (ER / PR / Her-2 status ), based on this Immunohistochemistry report, further therapeutic options will open up for her for use in future should she need it.


Thank you sir


Sir, in biopsy report ER PR positive and her negative score 0...doctor given second weekly cheemo what is other treatment based on er PR? Why doctor doing same paclitaxel 100mg cheemo still? Please guide sir


She has option for Hormone Therapy.

Sorry can't comment.

Feel free to seek 2nd Oncology opinion.

Or ask your Oncologist about options and further plan of action.

Every patient is unique and your Oncologist would balance all factors and recommend treatment which is ideally suited for her


OK sir,doctor is saying will go for harmony therapy after 6weeks of cheemo?

With this 6weeks any chances of spread the disease?

Or we will go for harmony therapy now itself?

Please advise sir


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