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Metastasis breast cancer

1.My mother was diagnosed as right breast cancer metastasis bones with er pr positive and her negative with score 0

2.her age is 50 weight 46kg

3.now doctor is suggested 12 weeks cheemo with paclitaxel 100mgsha and for every 21 days zolendronic 4mg injection

4.after cheemo go for hormone therapy

Sir,please clarify the following doubts based on above treatment

A. Shall I go for weekly cheemo of 100mg or 21days 300mg paclitaxel,which is best option?

B. Without cheemo directly can i move to harmone therapy,which sequence of treatment is best?

C. If I go for cheemo before harmone therapy,is any chances of spread the cells?

D.after 12 cheemos is any chances of change the er/pr/her levels?

E.cheemotherapy or radiation therapy which is best?

E.whether our doctor planned in correct way or not?

Sir,please clarify my doubts

Iam thankfull very much

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Dear Devender,

I can understand your concerns. But to solve your doubts, the better person will be your own Oncologist. Your questions are valid, but answers vary depending on many factors of patients; your Oncologist would have examined your mother in detail and would be able to judge between chemo and hormonal treatment. And in case a doubt still exists, you may consider taking a second opinion from another Medical Oncologist in your area.

Don't worry. Your mother will recover soon. We wish you luck in her treatment.


Hi Devender,

My sister has gone through all what ur asking... The treatment is still on.

I believe weekly chemo with lesser dose gives lesser side affects like pain , nausea etc... And mostly patients can go through the week with lesser pains in this weekly dose compared to a much higher dose after 21 days.

The docter would have advised chemo as it must be necessary in her case as the disease metastasis has taken place and giving chemotherapy first might be the best option so it doesn't spread further. Harmone therapy is basically given as a maintenance dose, which is given after chemo or Radiotherapy or both as the onco decides...

With so many doubts please take a second opinion from another onco and if it differs from the first one then go in for a third one...

God Bless

Good luck

Harpreet (Harry)


Thank you sir,your suggestion and experience is develop a confidence in my situation

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Write down all of your questions as they occur to you. Then, the night before her appointment organize them in order of importance, putting the most important questions first. I often make a second copy of the list to hand to the doctor. It allows him/her to see where you are going and to also cover something important that you have not asked. Absolutely go for a second opinion. It is very comforting when the doctors agree on the best treatment. If they don't, then consider a third opinion. I record my appointments, as it is hard to stay focused when stressed. It really helps me to be able to listen to everything said again later. I I was really stressed at one appointment when I put my recorder on the desk while waiting for my specialist. She came into the room and when she realized I hadn't turned it on she stopped and reminded me to.


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Chemo is strongly recommended in metastatic breast cancer.Hormonal therapy always comes next.It has to be given 5 to 10 yrs as per latest re commendations.

But chemo first.

Follow your doctor's adv.


Thank you sir


Hello Devander, My mom is having BC which is spread to ribs and she is ER/PR +.I had meet multiple oncologists from renowed hospitals for opinions\ and most of them suggested if cancer is hormone positive then hormonal therapy will be of great help, Oncologists will prefer medicines like tamoxifen if she is premenopausal and Femara if she is post menopausal. try to get second opinion from other oncologist too

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