Burnout of oncologists

A good review on the causes of burnout amongst oncologists.


I thought this might be worth reading, so shared it here

I plan to write up an article soon on 'A day in the life of an oncologist'. There's lots I wish to share, especially how an oncologist is attached with the patient, and how the patient's health and outcome impacts me as an oncologist

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  • Hey Doctor, It would be worth reading 'A day in the life of an oncologist'. Waiting to read it!

  • HelpingHand, WIll surely write it soon!

  • Most challenging branch ! I would b eager to read it

  • Hi

    Read the article on burnout.

    Now would like to read your experience in a day.

    Waiting eagerly


  • Hello

    Eagerly waiting to read that article.It would be great experience.

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