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Ganglion & De Quervain Disease

Dear Dr Sumeet, My mother has Right CA Breast and under gone removal of entire breast last Oct, 2013. She is presently on adjuvant Herceptin for 1 year and completed CEF X 3 and SA Docetaxel X 3. The Right Hand has now developed Ganglion with Dr Quervain's Disease. Our Onco Dr is advising for a surgery on consultation with Orthopedics. Will it be appropriate to go for the surgery once again in the body or can it be cure through the medications without surgery. Please advice.

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I do not think that ganglion surgery is a big surgery at all. So I don't think that should be a matter of worry. Go ahead and do it, like your Oncologist guides you. It may be that, the ganglion is pressing upon the nerve and causing the neural symptoms. With surgery, she may find an improvement of symptoms.


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