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Is Radiation Therapy needed?

My Grandmother developed breast cancer. There was a surgery done and after surgery reports said that all the lymphnodes have been cleared. The doctor has advised to give her 3 rounds of chemo. Will radiation therapy also be required after this?

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You need to consult your Oncologist for that. We cannot opine without assessing details and same is not possible on this forum, please understand.


Okay Thank you. I would be grateful if you could share your email ID details so that i could have shown you the report.


No email, Whatsapp and phone opinions, please. I understand your apprehension. Just one report cannot decide fate of a patient. They need to be given respect and need to be assessed in detail. It is beyond scope of this forum which is not meant for second opinions, but is meant to encourage sharing and caring between patients and care givers.

Please seek opinion of an Oncologist.


Radiation depends on whether any of the lymph nodes were infected by cancer. You mentioned they were removed, but were they infected? If they were, she needs radiation to the axilla area, where the lymph nodes were.

In general you can derive all the decisions (medication selected, procedures etc.) on our free and anonymous site (see my profile for details).

By the way, 3 rounds of chemo is very little, normally she must have it for 4 months. Feel free to supply the details...

Kind regards



You really need to discuss the need for radiation with your grandmother's doctor. In my case the lymph nodes were not positive and the tumor was completely removed (DCIS - not invasive). Radiation was the suggested follow up, but not chemotherapy. I know others who had chemotherapy, but not radiation, and still others who needed both. There is no easy formula. The reason for finding a doctor you trust is that every case is different and you need a doctor who can assess your grandmother's particular case!


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