TNBC and recurrence

I am 47 and have undergone MRM for TNBC grade 3 stage 2A node negative a year back. I had 4 Epirubicin + 4 Paclitaxel chemo cycles. A PET scan at the time of surgery had not revealed any metastases. With TNBC, the sceptre of recurrence always looms large. A few studies about aspirin, taurine and turmeric have purportedly shown some beneficial activity in this respect. Does anybody know more about this?

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  • Hi Subhac - though my sister is not TNBC - still the fearing of recurrence is every time lingering - even a slight pain is frightening - not know how to come out of this fear

  • Hi Subhac - though my sister is not TNBC - still the fearing of recurrence is every time lingering - even a slight pain is frightening - not know how to come out of this fear

  • Shubhac, my wife also TNBC grade 2 stage 3, she has completed her treatment in april 2014...i know very well she is also having the same fear..i m trying to explain her so many things but still i didn't get success even sometime she scared me too....but i dont know why we always thinks about past and future, we dont have time for our present..this is the main cause for our pain....

    I will try to explain u..tell me one 5 year kid full day play without sleep and even ready to play after 8 pm also, even he eat less, his body strength is less and doing lot of physical activity..and we guys gets tired after office u know why...bcu kids will enjoy there present even they enjoy moment by moment..they live in present only..and we are always thinking about past and future and full energy will be wasted on that topic which is not in our hand...and spoil our its my humble request just tty to live in today all will be fine...for this no one can help u..u have to help yourself..keep smiling

  • Manish all of us worry because we have a dreaded disease. You are away and Kalpana has been strong enough to go through the treatment without you. Let her confide her worries , it will relieve her stress.

  • well said manish.even i am TNBC,keeps on worrying about recurrence.let us take the life how it comes to us.if we keep on thinking about recurrence,we may not even enjoy the life to the fullest.JO BHI HOGA DEKHA JAYEGA FUTURE MEIN.......

  • There are many studies but nothing confirmed. Taurine is found in many natural foodstuff and turmeric is used in all indian cooking. It is perhaps safer to go the natural way till things are definite.

  • Thanks all for your comments. Taurine is found in extremely small proportions in vegetarian food. So perhaps supplementation is attractive.

  • subhac i am agree with u, i just want to hear something from nutrition expert or from our champion dr. i can start for my wife..i am already taking it to see how it will affect me..then after 3 month i will go for test to see the changes in my body..

  • i am continuously searching about Taurine since last 20 days but till now i didn't find anything negative about if some one know any proven study and research about negative effect of taurine...plz share it over here...bcu i want to start it for my wife.

  • There is one site which mentions brain damage and bipolar disorder as a side effect of taurine. However they are not sure whether the same was caused by taurine alone or by a combination of medications. It is also stated that it has been found to be safe only for a period of one year.

  • Greenbear could u plz share the same link...

  • Thanks, greenbear. Request you to please share the link.

  • Go to above link and go to side effects.

  • greenbear...sorry to say...but you have to read it very carefully..."one report of brain damage in a body-builder who took about 14 grams of taurine in combination with insulin and anabolic steroids. It is not known if this was due to the taurine or the other drugs taken. "

    he was taking 14 gram with insulin.... it can harm..anything in access has side effect...researchers tested maximum 6 gram per day is safe quantity...and taurine will balance the insulin and correct the sensitivity of the cell towards to taurine...i think u got it what i am trying to say...don't take me wrong little sister..i am just trying to explain you...

  • Manish I have read it carefully . It depends on the individual how they wish to interpret the information. For me it means I should think twice as everything is in nascent stage. If you wish you can check this link as well.

  • thanks greenbear, i got it...u r right..

  • greenbear, kindly read the comments at the end of the link you referred to. In one of them, the writer agrees that the bad effects may have been due to other ingredients, though the title suggests that they were due to taurine. To quote "Its not just the Taurine but the combination of all of the ingredients in these drinks".

    By the way, this Dr Group is a naturopath and not a 'real' doctor. Not that being a naturopath is bad - but he writes illogically and makes factual blunders. It' is very instructive to read the comments on that article. Taurine seems to have at least some cardio-protective activity which I think will be important for combatting the cardiac side-effects of agents like trastuzumab.

  • shubhac you said correctly and the same webmed article suggested the recommended dosage and is the most trust able place.,,,

  • as i said earlier it is an individual choice.

  • As I said earlier it is an individual choice .

  • Time and again, many of my own patients ask similar questions, whether any particular substance or medicine or a naturally occurring thing helps in combating cancer or not.

    We will never be able to technically prove whether anything helps or not, but from an understanding of how a cancer forms, and how the body functions, I can tell you that, all naturally occurring ingredients are helpful, only in moderate amounts, or in amounts required by the body. So, if you are eating a balanced diet, with adequate fruit, you need not take anything in supplement at all, and it will not even help.

    One example is, turmeric. Turmeric is known to have anticancer effect, there is no doubt about that. But, like nature would have it and our body is used to, turmeric should be in miniscule amounts, like maybe a little addition in food stuff or sometimes in milk etc. If a person thinks that because turmeric is anti cancer active and stuffs his body by taking in huge amount, it is NOT going to help at all. Rather, it is harmful and in fact, the body will not absorb turmeric at all!! Body will absorb, only the amount that is needed and use only what is needed and throw out rest. In one another indian cancer related forum on Healthunlocked itself, I saw one person recommending (and also taking herself) some 8 tablets of turmeric 4 times a day!!

    So those things do help, but in balance.

    One can consume it in normal foods, and it will sure be very helpful

  • Exactly Doctor. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

  • dr. its well explained...

  • Doctor - very well explained - this will help to understand a lot

  • Doctor, very aptly put. Thank you.

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