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Hi I am new



Am Richa..last year in June I got diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40.Went though surgery six rounds of chemo and radiation...am on Herceptin currently...plenty has changed sine the diagnoses both emotionally and physically...I am trying to keep pace but get scared at times.I have a seventeen year old daughter who I had to send to a boarding...there are so many questions Whys.....but somewhere there is a will to make it through....my pathology report had found cancer in the lymph nodes...that changes everything...or does it...I am not sure...Am a fighter and am there for all fellow members

Take care and stay strong


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Hi Richa25,

Welcome to the forum. You sure have been a fighter and your story will be an inspiration to many others. We have quite a few members on this forum now, who have battled this disease bravely, like you have. We are glad to have you here.

Please do keep sharing.

Your active interest here will be highly appreciated

Thanks Dr Sumit...your verse on a cancer patient moved me a lot...if only we had more doctors like you...there was something I read a couple of days back which I would like to share with everyone....it somewhat settled the one Why in me...

"None of us are ever given any guarantees in life..... some of us just know a little sooner than others that life is worth fighting for no matter how hard the journey may be! "

At times I wonder how life would have been had I not been diagnosed and I realize it would have gone on in the same directionless direction(invented a new oxymoron)...

So here I am...at times happy at times worried but ME

Take Care


Hey Richa I was diagnosed with feast an er in July last year, and went through the same treatment as you did. I think you have penned down the words of each breast cancer patient. I also have daughter and a grandson too of 3 yrs and my husband, my brother, my cosines sister in law and of course my daughter pulled me out of this.. Richa we are all at times Happy but worries do creep in at times and then I open this forum which is growing stronger. Dr Shah is an excellent help to all our queris, so keep posting. Take care and all the best!


I am a survivor and from what I know, life's biggest questions are answered slowly and gradually and staying positive and smiling a lot make these questions appear really small and then non-existent. Slowly and steadily, those questions will find their own answers and this whole journey will have made you a stronger person than ever.

Stay happy and blessed.

You are blessed with a daughter... a true friend ... and she'll help you through all these phases and you will solve these mysteries in life together, as a team!!

- Shikha

Hey Shikha

Am inspired by ur story...I know with time all will take a back seat but for now I wonder....I miss my daughter a lot...a fall out of the diagnosis. ..in the year since the diagnosis we have laughed fought cried and made up....vacuum without her...planning to learn some meditation...please don't mind my asking but how was your biopsy report

Take care stay healthy



My biopsy results were positive of highly metastatic malignancy. My lymph nodes were affected and taken out. I was further diagnosed with a mutation in BRCA 1 gene, which made me 90% susceptible to recurring breast cancer and 49% to ovarian cancer. I have since had surgeries, chemo, radiation and then surgery to take out all the breast tissue and had it replaced with plastic surgery. My daughter is 7 now, but we have shared everything with her since she was 2. I don't want her to be shocked when she is older. Now, she just feels like it was something we all dealt with. She is not shy to discuss breast cancer with me and goes to a lot of breast health education events with me. But, that's my approach. Everybody does things that are convenient and good for their family and there is no single way to handle this or to go about sharing this.

You are so strong Richa. Slowly, this shall pass. Love and good wishes.

- Shikha

Dear Shika

Have a follow up due and I am freaking out....tell me how to soothe my frayed nerves

Will really appreciate...

Thanks Richa

Hi Richa mut have gone through 2 followups by now and sincerely wish they went off well. Am interested to know what sort of follow ups did you have and where are you getting your treatment done?

Hello Richa,

It just stuck me, "I am new." Yes Dear, I'm newer...... Just diagnosed with ductal carcinoma on FNAC last week. I'm going to be 38. Lost my mother on June 27, 2013 to cancer. She was a fighter, got breast cancer when she was 44 and then it went on spreading. I'm still mourning the loss of my mother when I'm detected with the same. How cruel the life can be! My son is only 4 years old. He needs me.

Just want to share that here I'm still trying to keep strong so that my husband can be stronger. I just felt that I somehow relate to you.

Keep it up and stay strong dear.

Hey Mannu....yes dear I can hear every emotion in your words...we are strong and are gonna stay strong. ..at times the strength falters but not all of us will face lean weak n insecure days together...so whoever is standing at that point has to pull the others up...like it or not we are in this together...n together we will face it..the good the bad the ugly...love n best wishes...if u want u can get in touch with me at richaanand@yahoo.com

Let me know how ur treatment is progressing

Hugs Richa

Hello Richa,

I can relate to mother and daughter bonding and your worries for your daughter. But as you said, one has to pull others up. For every daughter, her mom is a fighter.

Love and thanx to you Richa!!

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