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Safe & effective integrative cancer treatments


I am Khadeer, i am a cancer researcher

Basically Cancer is not a disease, it is a symptom of health issues that includes uncontrolled cell division, eventually results in malignant tumor/cancer.

There are various ways to treat cancer, for more info, kindly share your comments.

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Thanks for the heads up


Whenever I see word 'Integrative'in cancer treatment ,I feel something is not right.

I agree to the fact that there may be definitely more to cancer treatment that we are receiving today .But then ,research should come from known Institutions which have been working on it ,not the backyard researchers without any background in the field.

Recently I read an article in Lancet which states that use of so called Herbal therapy instead of main line chemo and radiation therapy is invitation to early death and disability .They have proved it categorically by studying a robust data of patients who denied the mainstream chemo and went for Herbalist choices.Herbalist therapy in US is multimillionaires dollar industry which runs on fear in minds of people ,fear of chemo and radiotherapy ,fear of surgical treatment.

It is well known fact that we Indian (and similar nations ,developing world)are yet to evolve into developed world .Till that time we will have issues like this creeping into .But one must always be vigilant and most importantly Scientifically guided.If tomorrow ,some particular treatment comes to be established ,it will only be so after rigorous clinical trials in the field and observational studies on years of treatment in many patients over years and multiple centres.This particular fact is lacking in what Herbalist will advocating:daily coffee enema,detox mixtures,fasting for days together,fish extract injections and so on.Who has shown their effectiveness ,in thousands of patients ?Is there any standardised medical journal or mainstream medIcall institution which is validating such therapies.

People are taking loans to pay such therapies.This is worst case scenario that occurs instead of taking well established treatment and hoping for best.

So please don't fall for such therapies.

Whereas there is definite role of mediation ,hypnosis ,yoga in settling unsettled minds ,even this should be done with cautions because over-doing anything in life can be harmful otherwise also,wheather you have or have not cancer.

I am not an expert in cancer but all my experience of having my loved one with diagnosed of cancer ,made me learn all this.

I don't intend to criticize genuine researchers but everyone who is having cancer at their home should know this for sure.


Thanks for sharing your comments, BTW integrative doesn't mean herbal therapy, it is a combination of conventional and natural extracts, which are sensitive to the patients blood, there are certain tests which proove the sensitivity.

Regarding expenses, I agree with you, it is too high, because there are limited clinics working on, but there are proven results using the combination of IPT, hyperthermia, metronomic chemo therapy, dendritic cell therapy,NK cell etc..

This my point of view, because my lovedone got treatment using this method.

And also I have many references of survivors who opted for integrative treatment.


Very very well said and written in a very practical manner, Guudhubby1!. I am impressed. Rarely do I come across someone with clarity in thinking and a practical approach. I agree with your thought process.


Thank you for reply.Please send your references .


Please share your contact number and email id


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