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  • Dear tuturoshan:

    God is testing you. Please be strong. Instead of saying- why me, say- try me. I know it is easily said than done. Everything that comes to u, comes to teach u a new lesson of life. Learn it & move on. We all are there to support u. You can talk to us thru this forum.

    Believe me with time u will be able to accept & adjust with things. Please don't leave hope. Even I had a mastectomy last year & four chemos. Yes the side effects are bad but each one of us slowly do come out of it. Think about good things, laugh a lot, read good books and the most important - Always 😃😃😃 smile under all circumstances.

    You will be fine dear. Just don't loose HOPE. I am sure you will feel better. Please keep us updated.

    Thanking you,


  • Hi Tuturoshan - welcome to our forum. We all have gone thro the same tough time. Even in our minds the same question - GOD WHY ME - but nothing is in our hands - we have to accept the ups & downs in the life. First of all never let yourself get down. Be brave and accept the challenge. Try to keep yourself busy. Try to do the things which you like.

    Treat this is a BONUS LIFE & enjoy life.

    What is the stage and whats your age - do share about your self - we are all with you.

  • Welcome here

    We are in the same journey.

    You may find some answers in my story section.

    Also, do introduce yourself


  • Every patient at some point of time do ask god as to why her.God has no answer to your question.ask him this question everyday,someday he will get a solution & you will be NED.I will pray for you too

  • Tuturoshan - The one person I was closest to when undergoing treatment for my leukemia was the cancer center chaplain who was one of the most extraordinary people I have been blessed to have had in my life. He passed away just after I was also diagnosed with breast cancer. I personally believe in an all loving God, and often found myself angry at him. James and I talked about that more than once. I believe that most of us feel, at times like shaking a fist at God and screaming, "Why me?" It's a very normal reaction to many of the difficult things that life presents, and it's OK. It's finding a way to move forward that is important, even if that involves an ongoing dialogue with your God about your anger. An all loving God understands that. I don't think we ever find an answer to why me. We do find ways to get on with life.

    Sending hugs from California!


  • thank u sorry for the late reply.As my tumor after operation says its HER2 POSITIVE, i have to undergo herceptin 17 cycles. now i am undergoing that 5 cycles over. one more year

  • Dear tuturoshan, I know it's really very tough time but please don't give up... We all felt the same... Even I was waiting for chemos to get over.... But it's our testing time...

    Keep faith in God, There is a REASON to everything that happens to us... I truly believe in it....

    Sometimes God pushes us to Our limits, because he has greater faith in us, than we have in ourself...

    Every test in our life makes us either bitter or better,

    Every problem comes to either break us or make us...

    The Choice is OURS...

    We can either be a VICTIM or VICTOR....

    Take care Dear... And don't give up...

  • Thank u .sorry for this delayed reply. Thank u so much for ur concern.

  • Hi Tuturoshan, its really sad to know..your message heading is " I M A BREAST CANCER FIGHTER" so fighter never think in such a way "why me" better to be fighter only and be happy...i know saying is very easy but if there is nothing in our hand better to accept the things and adopt the situation...

  • unable bear the pain caused my chemos .Thats y

  • Hi tuturoshan, yes i know this pain is sometime unbearable but you have to go through and you have to win the battle....all the pain and hurdle will be subsidies gradually...

  • thank u so much for ur support

  • Hi friend welcome ....my friends have summed u everything beautifully.Life is a journey ...make it purposeful..help others..make others happy.fulfil ur wishes now and u will forget the pain.

  • thank u so much

  • It is I think when we are lost and wandering on life that something like this comes and jolts us back to live our lives with awareness gratitude and depth...As to the question on why me.....I think there is a book called...why bad things happen to good people...so chin up a big smile and let's fight it out

    Love Richa

  • thank u so much

  • Thank u so much .sorry for the delayed reply. i am in herceptin now. 5 cycles over.

  • Hello tuuturoshan, just stay positive and believe the almighty, this phase will pass away making you strong in the process.so tc, lots of love

  • Thank u v much

  • keep fighting and be winner.

  • This too shall pass !


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