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New Year Resolutions

Its time for making resolutions (whether I follow or not is a different thing, LOL)

Two things have been on my mind and I wish to share them with you:

1. Meeting of forum members. This forum is now a lovely family for me. We will cross two years in Feb 2015. I want to make it a point to meet the members wherever and whenever I can. For Mumbai, I will plan a small meet and let you all know. On 7th March evening, I will be in Delhi (on my way to Uttaranchal), where I will be able to spare a couple of hours, and I may be able to meet some members from there as well, over a cup of coffee. Sarika is already in, and I will inform others as well, if I am well on time. Apart from this, whether I can meet or not doesnt matter. I wish that those from same city can make it a point to meet and know each other better. There's lots that can be done.

2. Work on methods to avail chemotherapy drugs to the needy. You see, there a lots of people who wish to donate, and there are lots of patients who need monetary help. Those who want to donate dont know where to give, and those who need money dont know where to ask for it. If this mismatch could be addressed (it can very well be), the money will reach the right and needy people. One thing that costs in cancer is chemotherapy drugs. so if we can think and work around with a good solution, it will be helpful to so many.

So let's hope I do keep up on my resolutions and try to do what I intend to.

I pray that this new year brings a lot of joy to all of you, may it always give you good news on your follow up visits, may it give the strength to those who are fighting this disease and may we all work together to increase awareness and reduce suffering.

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Great thought Dr. Shah. I am in it. If you feel that I can be of any help, please feel free to let me know.




A very happy new year to sir and all forum members...let all our comg years be as happy....least we shud be happy.85•/• etiology is contributed by stress


Happy New Year Dr. Shaw. Even though I am far away from mother land, please feel free to contact me for any assistance that you might need. I myself dreaming of the way to help patients in need.....praying to universe everyday to show me a path....




Happy New Year Doctor & all members


As usual you have noble thoughts, Doctor. We are all with you .


Happy new year Dr. And all forum members.... Good thinking....


Happy new year Sumeet sir Rohit sir and all the bci family. Yes we should meet each other. All members who wish to meet Dr Sumeet may contact me also i'm in Delhi.Shikha is also coming India this month, looking forward to meet her too.


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