Trying to get pregnant following the pill

I have come off microgynon as my husband and I want to start a family. I have been off the pill now for around 8 weeks and I have not had a breakthrough bleed or natural period yet. Home testing says I am not pregnant.

I understand that my periods might not return for a while but wanted to know if it was possible to get pregnant before they return?


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  • It could take months for the pill the be out of you're system. But i would wait a week and retry a test and if you're in doubt go see you're g.p for a blood test.

    Hope this helps

  • It is possible i got pregnant after having implant out without having a period

  • Hiya! I came off microgynon after 17 years of taking it and got pregnant that month, I.e. before having a natural period. I did test positive however on what would have been the first day of my next period. I would pop to your GP if you're in any doubt.

    Good luck! :)

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