Positive test!!!!

Can't believe it, but those two little pink lines appeared in the window of hope!

We've been trying for six months, and finally something's gone right. Only 1-2 days late when I did the test, but my boobs have been so sore all week. Although this seems to be a normal PMS symptom after having my coil removed in Feb, they were extra sore this week with tingly nipples.

We've decided not to tell anyone until the 3mths are up, including my 16yr old son. It's gonna be tough to keep a secret but I think it's best.

Now I'm a bit worried about all the oysters, champagne, wine and soft cheese I ate last weekend for my birthday! (we do live in France!!)

Hope all goes well!!

Love from France xx

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  • Don't worry! I'm sure they wouldn't affect things at this early stage. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. I wouldn't worry too much about the birthday treats, baby might not even have implanted at that point.

  • Congratulations!! Hope it all goes smoothly. Enjoy your secret while you have it, people will ask you non stop once they know!!! xx

  • Congratulations x

  • Thanks everyone. Had the blood test yesterday at the lab, so it's confirmed. Now I've got to navigate the French system of maternity care which already feels v different to my first pregnancy journey in the UK, a very long time ago. Next appt with my gynae is not until Oct 13th when I'll be 10.5wks gone. I don't need to do anything else before then, do I? Maybe inform my GP (or in France, Docteur Generaliste) ... I'm really not sure!

    Any other mums in France out there?!


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