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PREGNANT?! negative test

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I have been trying for a baby the last 6 months and still not luck. I'm in my 20's so I should be extremely fertile I would have thought? My period is usually irregular by a couple days to a week however this month I'm over 2 weeks late. My period was due around the 15th and tested on the 18th and got a negative test, I'm giving up hope and don't want to see another negative test what should I do?

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avoiding a test does not change the result, your either pregnant or your not sorry to be blunt but its true, take another test its better to no then torcher yourself with worry, if that one is negative also speak to your GP as there are more reasons then pregnancy for a missed period, I hope you get the answer you want

I would test again, I know it's hard, especially when you're actively trying. When I fell pregnant it was a week and a half after my projected period that I had a positive test. Before that, I just knew I was pregnant but didn't believe it till I peed on 6 pregnancy tests and they all came back positive.

Don't give up, and best wishes!

If you don't want to do a test because your worried it's negative then take one a few weeks down the line, it took me 5 weeks to get a positive. And don't worry about not being fertile, I had that worry for three years, however I'm not sure if it's coincidence but I started to take folic acid and seemed to catch straight after that, always worth a try!

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Hi there

I'm sorry you feel so fed up. If you're not pregnant I wouldn't worry as the NHS says that couples aged 19-26 who have regular unprotected sex have 92% chance of conceiving after one year 98% after two years. If you're concerned about taking the second test it might be an idea to book an appointment with your GP so that if it is negative they can run some blood tests. If you are planning a pregnancy I would also recommend taking folic acid.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


I just feel so stressed because of it, I stopped thinking about the whole 'getting pregnant' and just relaxed to see if anything changed but I'm still getting negative tests, I have the feeling that my periods coming but it still hasn't arrived,my boobs are aching and feel so heavy also and I'm absolutely knackered😩 I was recently diagnosed with IBS as I was getting bloated after I ate anything would that have an effect?

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Lizzie2610 in reply to Chloe2310

I had the same feeling, my periods are very irregular sometimes 12 weeks between each one, I was having period like symptoms such as a feeling like my period was coming, aching boobs, tiredness but as I said above it took 5 weeks for a positive test! It way be hard but don't worry and continue with your daily routine, if you are seriously concerned as your doctor for a blood test.

I would take folic acid and treat yourself as if you are pregnant - even if you're not, you'll see how to take care of yourself when you actually are - and yes, it may just be you need to wait and see if it will come back positive, it takes a few weeks xx

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