positive test! what next? HELP!!

positive test! what next? HELP!!

so I've taken two positive tests this morning's was undeniably strong positive!

what do I do? what are the next steps?

I'm happy about this ans my partner got a bit too excited considering he shouldn't uey. but what do I do now?

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  • Go to your gp

  • i called them this morning, they just said " yeah you're pregnant, sounds like you're 6 weeks, come in for a midwife on the 14th" is that normal?

  • Congrats!!!

    It's very normal :) I went to see my GP and told I am pregnant 8 weeks. He gave me a phone number of midwifes and they saw me few weeks later :)

    Now I am 37 weeks pregnant, saw my midwife last week @my 36w appointment and as she's busy for my 38 week appointment - she booked me at 39,5weeks appointment, and joked that if baby comes a bit early I won't see her again! A bit crazy as from week 36 I feel like I am on my own. Then again- this has been a very straight forward pregnancy and it gives reassurance that everything is just fine!

    Enjoy it!

  • thank you so much!!! not long left for you, how exciting!!!

  • Not planned and I'm in shock.

  • have you just found out you're expecting too?

  • I've definitely calmed down a little bit now, but its so scary, so many things going through your head at once, also feels like a million years until my midwife app.

    luckily i have a pregnant friend so the poor girl has had me non stop asking her a million questions and crying to her, but i feel so much better and a lot happier.

    i just have a really stupid fear that if i let my self get happy and excited then when i go to the midwife, she might tell me its not real, i feel like i need to take a test everyday to prove to myself its still there ( i'm not though, trying not to be a crazy person)

  • Hahaha - it's very normal feeling you have there! As my tummy did not start to grow and move till week 16 I was wondering all the time... even now on week 38 I still can't believe I am making a baby inside me, so by any chance I have I pull up my t-shirt and show off my belly to my partner in disbelief so I get his thumbs up that i am growing and everything is just perfect! :)

    I read often how some women want to meet baby ASAP. Not me. I just love my bump so much ❤️ And I want him to stay in for as long as he wants and needs!

    Good luck with your pregnancy!x

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